Michigan SOS Candidate – Kristina Karamo in AZ: “If you are a Person Who Cares About Election Reform, and You Don’t Come Out, I have to Question That”

On Friday, delegations from FIVE states, including Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington, and Georgia, toured the outstandingly performed election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.

EXPLOSIVE: Pennsylvania Delegation Given Tour of Audit Floor In Maricopa County Arizona

Kristina Karamo, a Republican candidate for Michigan Secretary of State came out to see this process firsthand as she prepares to make Michigan’s elections safe again.

** You can donate to Kristina’s campaign here.

Kristina Karamo with Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers

After an up-close look at the entire process, she told TGP’s Jordan Conradson the exact opposite of what the MSM has reported.

Conradson: What did you think of the process?

Karamo: It was an excellent process, the detail to chain of custody, the detail for accuracy, the detail for making sure that there’s public oversight. That was incredible. The fact that they have 2000 people signing up to be volunteers was amazing and then we need to see the same thing in the state of Michigan. As a matter of fact, next week, in Michigan, there will be roughly 2000 affidavits presented to our legislators where citizens are demanding a forensic audit, and we need to see the exact same process, line by line replicated in the state of Michigan. we need to prove the integrity of our election process and a forensic audit like what we see in Arizona will definitely get to the bottom of any type of impropriety in our election system, and any remedy that needs to be deployed will be made obvious with the audit such as this one we see as very impressive the level of security that’s involved, you know, you can’t have your phones anything in there, the fact that they had us use red pens on blue paper, they’ve thought of everything that could potentially compromise this audit so it’s extremely well done, it’s a bipartisan issue and everyone in the state of Michigan needs to get behind this effort in our state.

Conradson: What do voters in Michigan, think of the 2020 election? What’s, what’s the general opinion?

Karamo: Well, if you’ve talked to Republican voters, they are angry. That’s why you have roughly 2000 affidavits and it probably will be more that’s the count as I heard of Wednesday night, but I’m sure the count will definitely go up. They are frustrated, it’s not going away. It’s not going away and it’s important for people to remember that this isn’t just about a presidential election. I think that the confusion that happened to the media narrative is that we’re just a bunch of disgruntled Trump supporters that’s not true. It’s a lie. It’s about representation. We are a republic, which means that our voice is represented by the people we elect, and if the election process is compromised, that means our voice is snuffed out. So this is why election integrity is so critical and the citizens of Michigan, understand that very clear. That’s why we’re so adamant about cleaning up our election system immediately.

Conradson: Can you tell me about the Michigan Secretary of State, the chief elections officer, what have they been doing?

Karamo: Well, I’m telling you something about Jocelyn Benson, I don’t even like to call her secretary of state, she actually had a link on the Secretary of State website for people to report election misinformation. Think about that. She wanted people to report their friends and neighbors for going against the government narrative that is completely anti-American. As a matter of fact, Jocelyn Benson prompted clerks to delete certain election information by December 5 which was a violation of election law where you’re supposed to keep that data for 22 months. So Jocelyn Benson has been caught multiple times, violating election law. In fact, she made a claim on debating the state senator that signature verification was more accurate than photo ID. Well, this is interesting, because she then went on to violate the Administrative Procedures Act, as a judge ruled when she told clerks when verifying signatures to lower the threshold as to which you consider a signature accurate or not and assume that the signature is accurate before assuming that it’s fraudulent. For someone to claim this signature verification is more concrete than photo ID, it wouldn’t make sense for her to lower the threshold, after which we scrutinize signatures. It would seem she’d want to increase it. So she keeps committing acts that are illegal. You know her mailing out massive amounts of ballots, while our voter rolls are wildly inaccurate. Her going on national television saying that there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud, there’s no evidence of widespread election corruption. You don’t need something to be widespread it needs to be surgically applied, and even if it isn’t widespread, it doesn’t matter. It should be remedied immediately, she has absolutely no interest in remedying the election system, she just is seeking to corrupt it and nationalize it which robs Michiganders of their voice if Jocelyn Benson, actually cared about the election system in the state of Michigan, She’d 100% get behind a forensic audit in our state. Anything less is completely unacceptable, and everyone in our state every elected official and every election official needs to be 100% behind this effort in our state.

Conradson: Wow, she must work for the same guy that Katie Hobbs works for.

Karamo: George Soros?

(This is exactly the case. Jocelyn Benson has been backed by Soros since 2010. What interest does he have in our SOS offices? Why does he want control over our elections?)

Conradson: Yes. Can you tell us about your campaign? It really sounds like you guys need a new Secretary of State.

Karamo: My entire goal is to establish an election system that proves its own integrity. That’s critical with secure systems they have to prove their own integrity and if they cannot do that, then they are not secure. I am a citizens’ candidate, I’m not running for a career move. I love my nation, I was a poll challenger at the TCF center in Detroit. I was there for 37 hours. I witnessed multiple statutory violations, I submitted a sworn affidavit, I testified before the Senate. So I said to myself I’m not going to sit on the sidelines anymore and I’m going to do something about it. So one of the excellent components of our campaign is I have a team of former SOS agents who’ve been advising me and will be the team that helped me clean up the SOS office, I’ve been getting advice from all types of folks and different election experts, people that have been running elections for 20 plus years helping us design an excellent system that will protect all voices in Michigan, irrespective of their political party, and that’s the key part, it’s not a Republican issue. It’s an issue of protecting our Republic, and that’s what I’m determined to do, in addition to issues with the DMV. Michigan is one of the top three states that determine presidential election outcomes. That’s really important. That’s why there was such a vested interest in corrupting the office of Michigan Secretary of State. It’s important for people to know Jocelyn Benson, isn’t even from Michigan. And that’s not to say that a person with a transplant can’t be a great public servant, but this isn’t her first time trying to get into the office of Secretary of State, she even wrote a book about the Secretary of State’s Office. So for someone to be so grossly incompetent and have written a book about the Secretary of State, it seems as though her incompetency isn’t incompetency, but very purposely done. So my goal is to make sure that she is a one-term Secretary of State.

Conradson: Do you have a website?

Karamo: Yes, my website KristinaforSOS.com and people can make donations. It’s gonna take millions to defeat her. You can do that or you can find out more about me on the website.

Conradson: Do you do have a message to other state legislators, not even in Michigan, other states. do you have a message to them to come out?

Karamo: Absolutely. If you are a person who cares about election reform, and you don’t come out, I have to question that. You can’t be serious in my estimation, because you think we know that the model they’re using in Arizona is excellent. Even if you may not find the excellent come and see, but think about it, our elected officials and we are a republic, their job is to represent us, and if your constituents are saying this is what we want. How dare you not go see and try to make it happen?

Kristina Karamo, like everyone else who has toured the facility, thought the process was “excellent”. Patriots can support her run for Michigain SOS at KristinaforSOS.com.

If Dems are so concerned about the audit’s procedures, why will they not have a look for themselves?

Why not audit the audit? Come to Arizona, please have a look!

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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