Kristina Karamo for Michigan SOS: “We NEED Our Legislators to Initiate The Audit” – Not Legislators Targeting Citizens Who Question Results (VIDEO)

Michigan Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo at the Arizona audit earlier this year

The Arizona audit wrapped up Friday night and The Freight Train of Audits is on a voyage to the next state. 

We do not know which state will be next but many states are showing promising signs of an investigation into the clear red flags and irregularities experienced during the 2020 election.

In Michigan, the Republican-led State Legislature is claiming that there was absolutely no fraud in 2020 and they are targeting those who question that statement. Ed McBroom is leading this bogus assault on their rights.

DISGRACE: Michigan Republican Committee Led by Sen. Ed McBroom Releases Report Saying No “Systematic” Fraud in 2020 Election

President Trump recently ripped into these traitors for their abuse of power and infringement on Michiganders’ rights.

Kristina Karamo, a candidate for Michigan Secretary of State toured the Arizona audit two weeks ago, and since, she has been a catalyst for election integrity and a full forensic audit in Michigan.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke to Kristina over Zoom on Friday for an update in Michigan.

Conradson: What have you been doing since you got back from Arizona?

Karamo: Well, once we presented our legislators, with seven to 10,000 affidavits demanding an audit, as we per our state constitution have a right to. I personally delivered affidavits to Jocelyn Benson, who’s our current Secretary of State, affidavits to her office, and what I found really interesting sort is when I went to go present the affidavit office they had signs on the door that you had to have photo ID to enter. That’s really curious because according to the left, expecting photo ID to vote is racist, but then when you know that the same set of doors it’s right on the front door and then when you go through the second set of doors by the elevator, they have a sign saying that visitor ID enforcement is in effect 100% So, if it’s racist to expect people to have IDs to vote, shouldn’t we logically conclude that our [Secretary of State] must be a racist by affecting people to have photo ID to enter? It’s clear that they have an agenda to undermine the people and subvert our votes with illegal activities, either nullifying our votes with illegal votes or manipulating this vote tallies. There’s no reason to unless you want to cheat to be against photo ID.

Conradson: So those 7500 affidavits that you got, have you been pursuing that in court? Are you planning on taking those to court?

Karamo: We need our legislators to initiate the audit, we don’t have to take them to court. I mean, That may be an option down the road we don’t know but at the moment, there are two legal statutes , which point to the complete power our legislative have to conduct an audit because they can subpoena for books, records for any department in our state government

Senator McBroom, who is a Republican, and of course the other Republicans, all agreed with him, because they have signed an approval of this of this report that individuals who are questioning or stating that there was fraud in the election should be criminally investigated. He’s asking our attorney general to consider criminal investigations into people claiming there was fraud in the election. That is scary. That is what communist countries do, and these are Republican legislators and this is why the, many states Republican party are losing credibility with activists and voters when we think we’re electing conservatives, and these people claim to be constitutionalist but they’re anything but. I mean to think that you want to violate my First Amendment rights number one my freedom of speech, and also to redress just grievances to the government. I mean, that is massive, that I have a right to let my state government know that I have issues with how they’re acting and I shouldn’t be afraid to be that I may be criminally investigated. This is way beyond what many people including myself thought we were up against.

Conradson: So how’s it looking in Michigan? What’s the general idea of the 2020 election?

Karamo: Citizens can’t even get to that point yet, I believe, because they’re still upset about the failure of our legislators to want to prove that our election system is secure. It’s unfortunate that our legislators, many of them want to make this about the presidential election, that’s a part of it, but that’s not why we’re fighting. we’re fighting because we have been made aware that our election systems are highly unsecure, and after the report came out in the court with a criminal investigation that really caused a pivot, because at one point we felt as though our Republican legislators were just not taking us seriously or some people were maybe being intimidated or threatened. But with the cause of our legislators, calling for us to be investigated. Now we feel like okay, wait a minute, there’s an extra layer to this that we don’t clearly know about and maybe there’s some corruption going on at their end because there is a complete fixation on not doing an audit.

They did not conduct any investigation into whether or not our system is secure. they just took a few citizens complaints and investigated that, interviewed Dominion, and they took the word of partisans like Chris Thomas in the city of Detroit and just took their word for it. And then on top of it all, when there were issues, they just assumed that it was a mistake or clerical error. When you’re dealing with something as critical to the very survival of our Republic as elections, you don’t have time to assume that things are a mistake you need to know whether it’s a mistake or purposeful in order to remedy it. Then they mentioned in the report that we need to make sure that when ballots go to Senior Centers or nursing homes, that they’re not prefilled. Wait a minute, you’ve claimed there wasn’t massive fraud in the election but you just discussed the need to rectify a problem of senior centers and nursing homes receiving ballots that are pre filled, how many of these ballots were like this? I mean, you wouldn’t, they wouldn’t put it in the report unless it was a problem. So, how bad is this and who’s pre filling them out. Who gave them the authority to do so? This is why we need a forensic audit to answer these questions. This is why we’re calling for forensic audit, and instead, They want to investigate us.

Conradson: Yes, that is absolutely absurd, they’re targeting you guys for asking questions. You guys need new leaders in Michigan, can you update us on your campaign.

Karamo: We are really excited with our campaign. You know, we’re just fighting hard, we’re just really pushing hard to encourage citizens to stand the fight. I’m really excited, of the national slate that I’m a part of the Conservatives for Election Integrity PAC myself. It’s a group of us running for secretary of state, in battleground states which were retargeted by the left Jim Merchant from Nevada, Mark Finchem from Arizona, Rachel Hamm from California and Jody Hice from Georgia, are all a part, we’re all part of this slate, where we’re determined to have constitutionalists be the secretaries of state of these battleground states and it’s not so we can make sure Republicans win, that’s not the goal. The goal is not to make sure Republicans win. The goal is protect every citizens vote, irrespective of political affiliation. our focus, even as a campaign right now is getting the audit of the 2020 election, because we cannot have effective remedy to our election systems without getting to the bottom of the night, being able to identify all of the problems there’s so many problems oftentimes people are looking for a magic bullet. Please check out the website to support the campaign financially as you know that’s the lifeblood of a campaign, raising money so you know we really appreciate peoples support, volunteers who live in the state but this is this issue of national survival.

Conradson: What can Michiganders do to get involved in the, in the audit process, and make sure that it goes through?

Karamo: Keep pressing, keep pressuring your legislators, keep pressuring them, what do we mean by pressuring them show up to their coffee hour show up to their events and peacefully make your voice heard. The next thing we always emphasize, peaceful, I know people are frustrated. I am so angry, okay I am really, really angry. But what we can’t do is get out of control, we cannot get out of control, we need to peacefully make our voices heard, show up to their coffee hours, and peacefully apply pressure by asking tough questions. If you continue to do that, I’m confident we’ll be able to move the needle, because I think many of these people are very selfish, and they only care about their next job in politics, and they know that if they don’t honor the will of the voters, we’re not going to forget and they can forget about holding public office again. And that’s what we need to make them understand I mean this is about this. I’m not interested in playing politics. I’m not, I’m interested in my nation surviving. So we have to peacefully peacefully make our voices heard, peacefully apply pressure by showing up to their events, and asking tough questions. That’s what I would encourage you to do and also become a poll challenger, become a poll challenger become a poll worker do one of those things or a poll watcher that helps you oversee the process. And one of the ways I was able to identify a lot of these issues was when I served with a poll challenger so I encourage you to do that as well.

Kristina visited the Arizona audit earlier this month to observe the process and learn exactly what she is fighting for in Michigan and she was impressed.

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Kristina refuses to back down from government threats and she will continue to fight for the people of Michigan with the audit and her run for Secretary of State to secure their elections.

You can learn more about her race or DONATE to her campaign at

If you want to see a forensic audit in your state, call your legislators and demand that they take action for the people.


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