‘Feel the Vern!” – Georgia’s Vernon Jones Joins TGP Reporter Conradson: Kemp Is Weak, He’s Already Caved to the Left and So Has Raffensperger (VIDEO)

STAR OAN Reporter, Christina Bobb (Left) makes a special cameo with TGP Correspondent Jordan Conradson (Right) during his interview with Geogia gubanatorial candidate Vernon Jones.

Last Wednesday, Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones made a stop in Arizona on his own dime, in order to see the historic full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election. 

On his way out of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Vernon Jones and Bernard Kerik DESTROYED lefty journalist, Jen Fifield. To our knowledge, Jen has not been back to the coliseum since the embarrassing episode.

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After triumphing over a weak leftist reporter in debate, Mr. Jones and Mr. Kerik went down to the US-Mexico border to witness the crisis that is currently unfolding.

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TGP’s Jordan Conradson had the chance to follow up almost one week later to discuss his thoughts on the audit and what he saw at the southern border.

Recently, an ABC reporter reached out to Vernon to ask if his trip to Arizona was paid for by a private group or his campaign. He gave them one word, “neither.”


Conradson: Can you tell me your key takeaways from the Arizona audit?

Jones: Well, one I think that’s more important than anything else is that how detailed the Arizona audit  is, that forensic audit, it is so detailed. The level of scrutiny, the accountability, how they’re following, dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s the microscopic overlook of this, oversight, I should say, it is amazing. That’s what we want to happen in Georgia, and Ironically, Just yesterday, it was reported that the first Fulton County official actually said some chain of custody documents were missing. For 1,000s of absentee ballots at a drop-off box.

Conradson: 24%, Correct?

Jones:  Yes 24% And so, when I hear the liberal media was pushing back on the forensic audit in Georgia, the governor was pushing back on the forensic audit in Georgia, and the Secretary of State who said this probably was the most efficient election ever, Then, they have and are becoming the laughingstock. Why?  Because if these were so, well done and documented, why is the Secretary of State now decided to investigate what’s gone on in Fulton County, which leads me to say hey wait a minute. You said that this election through your, your so-called audit was really what it was really just a recount, But here you are opening up this investigation, why don’t you also, while you’re doing that do a declaratory judgment, file papers with the court, and see if the drop off boxes were allowed, anyhow. Why? because they were not in the state statute. And did the election board have the authority to change election laws? Because that’s exactly what they did. And ironically, if it were not the case, if they didn’t have the authority to do it, Why did they come back in the 2021 session, and write drop off boxes into law?

Conradson: I heard on Steve Bannon’s War Room that you want to sponsor Governor Brian Kemp to come out to Arizona to see this process firsthand. Has he responded to you?

Jones: No, no, not at all. 

Conradson: What do you think his response will be? 

Jones: Oh yeah, he will not do it. He won’t even call for a forensic audit, you would think he would do it now, it should be a taxpayer-paid forensic audit. So we can make sure that everybody, who has skin in this game, understands that they’re looking to make sure our election was free, transparent, and it had the integrity that we all can have confidence in. Right now, this is just another example of why we need a forensic audit.

Conradson: Yeah, so why do you think that those, so opposed to this process won’t even come out and see it?

Jones: They are part of the problem, it was the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General and the Secretary of State who actually got in the back room and did a deal with Stacey Abrams, changing through the executive branch, election laws. You cannot do that. And then, they came out because they caved into Stacey and all of these voting irregularities, They’re trying to push, under the rug and say oh we had no problem. They both said there were no issues. So now we see what is happening. If there were no issues. Why would they want an audit to make sure there was no issues, if they didn’t have any skin in the game, it’s because at the tip of the spear, they are all involved in this election process that cost us two US Senate seats and the President’s election because they have a backroom deal. They wouldn’t stand up to the left, Zuckerberg, by the way, gave the center state $5 million. So that’s why those rhinos were invaded by the left, and they’re afraid now, and this is where it’s gonna cost both of them the election. And this is gonna cost Stacey Abrams, not being elected.

Conradson: Well, we got some good news. The Fulton County court hearing is coming up on the 21st, Garland Favorito told me that it’s going to be about two or three weeks after that, that they could start the audit process. Do you have any further updates? 

Jones:  Well, I understand the judge will hold a hearing on the 21st, because the county attorneys can you believe that the Fulton County Attorneys hired individuals and they lawyered up, and they want to dismiss, they filed a motion to dismiss this case. But why, especially after one of their own, a Fulton County employee said that there were documents missing from the chain of custody. The election board has so-called Mercy powers of the election board they made it clear that that information had to be provided. And it wasn’t. But if there were no issues with the elections. Then how did that happen and why wouldn’t you want a forensic audit I think the judge is going to go ahead and again like he did before, grant them the audit that they need, and you’re going to see some other stuff come out. This is the beginning, I always said there was a dead cat on the end of this line. We’re starting now to see the whiskers of that cat come out of the water. That’s right.

Conradson: Another scare tactic, Merrick Garland is targeting auditors across America instead of actually looking into the legitimate concerns of election fraud that Americans have. Will Georgia, take a heroic stand against the federal government like Arizona has? 

Jones: Remember, our governor is weak he’s already caved into the left and you know, our Secretary of State is just as weak as he is, including the Attorney General. I will say this, while he’s here Garland, this is voter intimidation. They’re using the Feds to come down and intimidate those of us who are involved directly in elections from elected official election officials to those citizens who want to see, transparency, is he gonna look into George’s election laws, and see if Stacey Abrams agreement superseded the state law as relates to elections laws when they included the drop off boxes and the changing of the signature verification? are you going to look into that?  I hope he looks into that. That’s what we should be doing, looking into that. I can tell you this. I wonder if he’s going to look into those missing chain of custody documents that just happened in Fulton County. Is that person going to be interviewed? So if we’re gonna do it, let’s do it. But already. This is about voter suppression from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Stacey Abrams.

Conradson: Speaking of the Biden administration, how was your trip to the border?

Jones: Well, it was disappointing. Although enlightening, very disappointing. There is a crisis at the border. It was man-made by none other than Joe Biden, when he opened up the board and said hey, just come on over, anybody can come on over. If we catch you coming over illegally, we are just going to give you a ticket and you show up in court, if you don’t show up, that’s okay, don’t worry about it. But those are some of the same ones that we have to deal with years down the road when they want to talk about the Dream Act or the DACA because they allow them to come over illegally. And then worry about later on, “oh, they came in and no fault of their own. They’ve been here all their lives they don’t know Mexico and they don’t know these other countries”. Well, see that’s the problem. But the bigger problem is the drug cartels have taken over the drug cartel has taken over, all of the avenues coming into this country and they’re having, they’re using human shields while human trafficking, to bring in drugs to bring from cocaine to meth. And you know what those people who are coming over those women who are coming over, who can’t keep up with the crowd, When they fall behind, They get eaten by a coyote and I’m not talking about the four-legged coyotes I’m talking about the two-legged coyotes, because when they rape these women, these young girls, they take their undergarments and hang them in trees, as a trophy. This has the hands of Joe Biden, all over it. He is the reason the drug cartels, doing what they’re doing in this country, and human trafficking and raping young women and young girls it’s Joe Biden it’s at his feet. Then Kamala Harris, who has yet to go there almost 80 days since she was put in charge of the border. When asked, why did she, or why hasn’t she visited the border, yet she said well I haven’t visited Europe either. Well, she wasn’t in charge of Europe, thank God. She was in charge of the so-called border issue. And for her to stick her head in the sand and say there’s no problem and then come back and say that when she lives in one of those countries, not the border, but to say “Don’t come over here”, Well, she is just as confused as two left shoes. So what does that tell me? She doesn’t know how to do her job, I have no faith in her. She and The President are not fit the hold office. As a matter of fact, having visited a border, I learned more in 24 hours and she learned the entire time she’s been in office as vice president matter of fact, maybe I should be the vice president for a day and educate Congress and others on what’s really happening at the border. 

Conradson: What’s happening at the border is, absolutely, disgusting. Whenever Kamala Harris is confronted about it, she screams at reporters about how she’s addressing the “root causes” of the problem. What do you think the root causes are? 

Jones: I think Kamala Harris is the root cause of the problem. I think Joe Biden is the root cause of the problem because of their policy, because of their position. This border was under control by President Trump, they stopped all of the stops and returns, and stop and searches and releases, they started stopping and returning. They were building the wall. They were violating local law enforcement and the border patrol with the resources that they needed to do their job right now the Border Patrol are spending more time processing illegals than they are patrolling the border. This is a major problem. Matter of fact, with the problem that they’re having now they tried to blame President Trump No, it falls at the feet of the policy of the Biden-Kamala Harris administration period the end.

Conradson: Yes, and then here in Arizona we have multiple hotels where illegal immigrants are staying there being fed they’re being clothed. This is happening all over the country. Another part of that, Arizona is only one of two states that requires proof of citizenship to register to vote, and the Federal only ballot is the loophole around that. You can register to vote in federal races, without showing any proof of citizenship, without showing any identification. To my knowledge, you could show a forged banknote, and they’ll register you to vote for President and Senate. What do you think of that?

Jones: Again this is a part of a failure of the OBiden maybe it’s the OBiden administration because we know who’s really running this government. But when you mentioned the hotels, I saw one place where one of the hotel bills was up to $88,000,000  $88 million to house illegals, that you told to come over here and we have veterans, and American citizens living under bridges. Where’s our priority? Where’s America first? Well, with the Biden administration, America is last. I mean it’s just unbelievable their policies and how they are running this government. And so that’s why it’s important. That’s why I’m running for governor of this state, because as governor of Georgia, we’re going to make sure that we work, and find as much information with the Border Patrol’s and local law enforcement out there, because we know they’re leaving and coming through there and coming to Georgia. We’re gonna make Georgia a sanctuary state. If you’re caught in Georgia, illegally, and you’re here illegally, and you’ve committed a felony, you will notify, there would not be a sanctuary city nowhere here. Those local law enforcement agencies, and of course we’ll have to notify the ICE department, so they can be deported, immediately. no sanctuary city here.

Conradson: can you tell us all about your campaign for governor of Georgia? website, how we can support, everything. 

Jones:  Well, first of all, we are fighting for the heart and soul of this state in this country, putting Georgia first and putting the state first. Our governor was weak. He was not committed to election integrity, he was not committed to Donald Trump. He was committed to Stacey Abrams and all of the election irregularities you see how many right now. He had to wait until I came out to ban CRT before he even said anything about which I will clearly ban CRT. Not through executive order, but by law. Second, we’re going to make sure that Georgia’s a constitutional carry state, And we’re not gonna have these local law enforcement agencies that are under the democratic control policies being weak on crime and fighting crime. You know in Georgia and Atlanta, for example, you’re seeing crime on the rise, in a lot of democratic control citizens but here the local city council in Atlanta voted to defund the police. They voted to have a no police chase policy. They’re literally handcuffing the police and releasing criminals. That would not happen on my watch. We’re gonna fight crime in Georgia. We’re going to let these state troopers and others and, under the governance of umbrella, law enforcement, go out and fight this crime within support these local law enforcement agencies we also are going to make sure that in Georgia we have school choice, you heard. School choice. And what I mean by that, any family wants to send their child to a performing school when that child is in a failing school in a failing public school, let the money follow the child. And another thing here Georgia taxpayers were sick of hearing, well here’s a stimulus check, we’re gonna send you back some of your money. No, we’re gonna drastically if not drastically reduce the state income tax, or eliminate it altogether so people can just keep their money, have more money in their pocket. So we’re running a strong agenda here and the other thing too, we will not cave into the left, Stacey Abrams for the Democrats, I’m the only one in Georgia that can beat the left Brian Kemp can’t beat the left he caved in on Donald Trump he caved in on election integrity and he caved in on Stacey Abrams. They can’t play the race card on me, whether is the ace of spades or the ace of heart, they can’t do that. we’re able to take their votes. We are already getting so much support from the minority communities that who traditionally been voting Democrat, but know they’ve been taken advantage of. they know me, and they know about me, I call balls and strikes. we don’t back down back off or back away on our agenda, we are focused, and I’m pro-Second Amendment and pro-life, and that’s what people want someone strong leadership that will take a stand against this culture of socialism and Marxism and communism being perpetuated by the Democratic Party, and Stacey Abrams. And by the way, you want to join this fight, go to JonesforGeorgia.com sign up, donate, be a part of it. Jonesforgeorgia.com Let’s fight. Come and FEEL THE VERN.

Donate to and support former GA State Sen. Vernon Jones’s Georgia Gubernatorial campaign at http://jonesforgeorgia.com/.

Donate NOW to rid Georgia of criminals like Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams.


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Jordan Conradson is TGP’s Arizona correspondent. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in the State’s elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Arizona led to the resignation of one Maricopa County official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room. However, TGP and Jordan gained access after suing Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in America.

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