EVERY STATE Should Be Audited – North Carolina Results Don’t Make Sense – Appear Likely Impossible

Early in the morning on November 4th, 2020, one day after the election, it looked like President Trump was the winner in North Carolina.  Today a reader shared with The Gateway Pundit unlikely results once the ballots were finally counted and certified.

In September 2020 North Carolina joined Michigan and Pennsylvania in allowing voting to continue for up to 9 days after the election.   We knew then that this state was in jeopardy of being stolen in the 2020 Election.

BREAKING: North Carolina Joins Michigan and Pennsylvania – Will Accept Late Ballots For 9 Days After Election and Ballot Harvesting

On election day we reported that voting hours were extended in North Carolina at four voting sites due to voting machine errors at those locations.  (At this point in time we had no idea who the voting machine companies were around the country or their importance.)

North Carolina Extends Voting Hours at Four Sites, Delaying Release of Election Results

Then on Election night North Carolina reported 100% of the precincts were reported but then later the state claimed only 94% were complete.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: North Carolina Announced 100% of Precincts Were Reported On Election Night – But Never Called Trump Win – Now Claim Only 94% of Ballots Counted

Next, we learned that the North Carolina Board of Elections voted to allow individuals to fix ballots after the election.

OUTRAGEOUS! Turncoat GOP elections board members resign in North Carolina After Siding with Democrats on “Fixing” Flawed Ballots

The results in the state were eventually called for President Trump more than a week after the election.  However, one observer noted some unreasonable events in the state’s final results and he shared this with TGP:

I guarantee there was massive fraud here in North Carolina.  I have lived in Orange County (heavily Democrat, especially with the University of North Carolina and Duke University in the south part of the county) for a decade. There is NO WAY that North Carolina went for President Trump and at the same time Democrat Roy Cooper got re-elected as well.

How in the immortal hell does a state go for Trump (Republican), elect Mark Robinson (black Republican) but, re-elects a piece of trash Democrat like Cooper? That doesn’t happen without fraud. North Carolina went for Trump in 2016 and Romney in 2012. Scroll over the voting percentages per county at link here:

Orange County was 75% for Biden?
Durham County was 80% for Biden?
Look at the rest of the state. No other county got above 67%, not even huge Charlotte or Wake County.

The state went for Senator Tillis (Republican).

Orange County was 77% for Cooper?
Durham County was 82% for Cooper?

None of the other counties got above 69% but, these two were higher than Charlotte or Wake County? Even the Tillis/Cunningham race is suspicious. The house races for Districts 6, 4 & 2 are questionable. The percentages are way off.

Most of NC is RED. But, tip the scales, illegally, in two relatively small counties…

You should notice that, the counties with the most whacked percentages are all University counties.

I’m also attaching a couple of shots I grabbed of the parking lot of the Board of Elections, here in Hillsborough.

Never in the decade I’ve been here have I seen U-Haul trucks, all over the place, two days before the elections. I guarantee these trucks were FULL of fake ballots.

NC’s voting machines need to be cracked open and, Orange and Durham Counties need an Arizona-style audit.

This reader has a point.  The numbers don’t make sense.  In addition, the fact that both Duke and UNC were holding remote classes for their students makes it questionable why these two counties would be so far left in their final results.

Recently North Carolina Representatives demanded an audit of the voting machines in the state.   This is a good first step but will likely never uncover fraud.  The machines probably already have been wiped clean of the 2020 election results or the local election boards will prevent providing the machines.  But the real problem with just looking at machines is it’s impossible to determine exactly which ballots were fraudulent if any.

Exclusive: “This Is A Shot Across The Bow, We Want The Machines Opened Up”, North Carolina House Members Request Inspection of Voting Machines

In order to determine the real results of the election the machines should be reviewed by experts but the ballots are where you will find any issues you can present in court.  The best example to date is the audit going on in Arizona for the Senate there.  This audit is looking at each ballot to determine if it is legitimate or not.  This can be determined by reviewing the folds, paper type, ink, and format of ballots.  This is what those who cheated in the election are afraid of.

People in North Carolina should demand a forensic audit based on the audit in Maricopa County performed for the AZ Senate right now.  There is enough evidence to demand this.

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