Candidate For Mayor Of New York City Wants To Defund Police But Has Private Security In Her Neighborhood

Maya Wiley is a far left progressive Democrat running for mayor of New York City. She has been endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, if that gives you any idea of where she is politically.

Like many people of the far left, she is also a hypocrite.

She wants to defund the NYPD, but lives in an upscale neighborhood in Brooklyn that is protected by private security.

The New York Post reports:

Maya Wiley wants to defund the NYPD — while her home is protected by private security patrol

Democratic mayoral candidate Maya Wiley wants to cut $1 billion from the NYPD’s budget — at the same time her home is being protected by a private security patrol in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

Wiley — who on Sunday clashed with rival Eric Adams over her plan to defund the police if elected — claimed in December that she thought the private security was “ridiculous and we shouldn’t have it.”

But she said her life partner, Harlan Mandel, began paying the annual fees without her knowledge to the Prospect Park South Charitable Trust to fund a guard who drives around the area.

An outraged NYPD source called Wiley’s stance regarding the police budget “asinine” and accused her of “pandering for votes.”

“Here they are wanting to defund the police — but to keep my family safe, we hire private security, which is probably staffed by retired cops or military,” the source said.

Anyone surprised? Anyone?

Police for me but not for thee!


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