BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’ Were Involved in Georgia’s 2020 Election, Criticize the Arizona Audit, and Are Connected to Huge Far-Left Nonprofits

Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’, founded by Morrell (pictured above), are all over the 2020 Election steal.  Morrell and her ‘Group’ were involved in Georgia, are heavily involved in criticizing the Arizona audit, and are a key component in the Deep State ‘nonprofits’ behind the 2020 Election sham.

In the recently uncovered 29-page report that was created by Carter Jones and provided to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, there were numerous observations of potential crimes and corruption.  But in addition, there is one entity that shows up in this report that until today remained unnoticed.  It is the entity referenced in the report labeled The Elections Group.

Below is one such instance mentioning The Elections Group in Carter Jones’ timeline report:

Below is the entire report from Carter Jones with mentions of The Elections Group noted on pages 10, 11, 15 and 24 in the report.

Sos 7 Hill Strategy Fulton County Notes by Jim Hoft on Scribd

The Elections Group was founded by Jennifer Morrell and Noah Praetz in 2020, according to their webpage:

Somehow The Elections Group made it into the election process in Fulton County Georgia.  We also know per Influence Watch that Morrell worked with the CISA – the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.  This entity claimed the 2020 Election was safe and secure despite piles of information to the contrary.  This gives us a hint about Morrell’s political leanings and integrity.

Three of The Elections Group’s six nonprofit and academic “Partners” are:

  • the Center for Tech and Civic Life: main Zuckerbucks nonprofit bagman;
  • National Vote at Home Institute: one of Zuckerbucks nonprofit bagmen;
  • Center for Civic Design: one of Zuckerbucks nonprofit bagmen

Morrell is also heavily involved in the Democrats’ attempted destruction of the 2020 Election audit being performed for the Arizona Senate.  When reviewing the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County and you’ll see that Morrell and Praetz both signed the April 22 letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann.  In this letter from the Brennan Group of far-left nonprofits, the Democrats are requesting that the Arizona Senate stop their audit.

Morrell is one of Arizona’s corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ three observers.  She is one of those quiet, efficient progressive-Democrat operatives who slip in and get placed where needed – along with Elizabeth Howard, Esq. from the Brennan Center and also of U.N. / Harri Hursti fame and our old friend, the spy, Ryan “Snidely Whiplash” Macias.

All of the three observers together were invited by ABC 15 in AZ to a discussion regarding their observations of the audit:

Morrell then put together a hit piece on the Arizona Audit for the far-left Washington Post.  In her observer quotes in the WaPo about AZ audit, she attempted to destroy the audit firm hired to perform the audit, Cyber Ninjas:

…So I expected it to be unconventional. But it was so much worse than that. In more than a decade working on elections, audits and recounts across the country, I’ve never seen one this mismanaged…

I also observed other auditors working on a “forensic paper audit,” flagging ballots as “suspicious” for a variety of reasons. One was presidential selection: If someone thought the voter’s choice looked as though it was marked by a machine, they flagged it as “anomalous.” Another was “missing security markers.” (It’s virtually impossible for a ballot to be missing its security markers, since voting equipment is designed to reject ballots without them….

The fourth reason was folding. The auditors reasoned that only absentee voters would fold their ballots; an in-person, Election Day voter would take a flat ballot, mark it in the booth and submit it, perfectly pristine. I almost had to laugh: In my experience, voters will fold ballots every which way, no matter where they vote or what the ballot instructs them to do. Chalk it up to privacy concerns or individual quirks — but no experienced elections official would call that suspicious….

What I saw in Arizona shook me. If the process wraps up and Cyber Ninjas puts together some kind of report, that report will almost certainly claim that there were issues with Maricopa County’s ballots. After all, Cyber Ninjas chief executive Doug Logan has publicly voiced his wild conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. But the real problem is the so-called audit itself.

Audits are supposed to make us better. They are supposed to make our elections more secure and transparent — to strengthen the public’s trust in our democratic process. Maricopa County is known for having some of the best election practices in the country: Officials had already undertaken a hand-count audit and a forensic audit of their 2020 ballots and found no evidence of fraud. Now a group with no expertise, improvising procedures as they go, is sowing doubt about the outcome of a well-run election.

This is not an audit, and I don’t see how this can have a good outcome.

Here’s another hit job by Morrell and Macias in the AZ Mirror:

“’What is going on here is unprecedented,’ Morrell said. ‘They’re making things up as they go along.'”

“Macias said he overheard one of the ballot counters complaining about the fluctuating procedures and how ‘those that are there the longest are the ones making the most mistakes’ because things would be different from one shift to the next.”

Morrell, Macias, and Howard are the Elite Team the Democratic machine has deployed to solve problems that threaten the security and continuance of the Biden election win.

Morrell – or at least her company – can be placed in both the Atlanta State Farm Arena and the Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Morrell is also a consultant for the Democracy Fund, which is E-Bay founder Pierre Omidyar’s foundation. His foundation was a heavy donor to Zuckerbucks and the Democracy Fund is a main funder of much of the election BS that went on in 2020.

In 2018, the Democracy Fund, a left leaning advocacy foundation funded by left-leaning eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar, hired Morrell to consult as the director of its Election Validation Project. The project was described by the Democracy Fund as an effort to increase public trust in elections by supporting rigorous audits, standards, and testing. Morrell and the Democracy Fund describe the need to implement their preferred policies around election administration nationally by implementing “a uniform set of audit standards that go beyond auditing ballot tabulation equipment.”

Morrell published a report through Democracy Fund titled “Knowing It’s Right: A Practical Guide to Risk-Limiting Audits” which walks states through the process of performing an audit. Communications from the Election Validation Project allude to the alleged interference in the 2016 election by Russia. In her report, Morrell states “As we work through reestablishing trust in our elections following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 22-month long investigation, the threat of interference in our elections by another nation-state remains.

Pierre Omidyar is tightly tied into the George Soros world. He also is a donor to the Brennan Center.

Jennifer Morrell and ‘The Elections Group’ are in the middle of the Democrats’  2020 Election plans.  Morrell was involved before the election, during the election, and now after the 2020 Election.  If Morrell is there, you better guard the ballots.

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