BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The ACLU Hired 255 Workers for Georgia’s Fulton County to Be Deputy Registrars And Gave Them Full Internet and Voter Roll Access – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Carter Jones created two reports as a result of his experience and the observations he made in Fulton County Georgia on Election Day 2020 and on the days before and after the election.  There was something that jumped out from this reporting that indicates more wrongdoing in the Georgia election that has not been reported.

In the 14-page report that Carter Jones (his second report) prepared for the Secretary of State after the 2020 Election, Jones shared the mess embedded in the Fulton County elections process.

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In one section in the report provided by Carter Jones in the article above, Jones shares the following [emphasis added]:

6) During the general election, [Richard] Barron negotiated with the ACLU to provide 255 deputy registrars to use ENET to cancel absentee ballots. During the runoff, this task was performed mainly by a smaller number of non-ACLU deputy registrars. SHS received no complaints during the runoff about unnecessary wait times related to not having additional dedicated deputy registrars.

Georgia law states that NO Deputy Registrars:

shall engage in any political activity on behalf of a candidate, political party or body, or question, including, but not limited to, distributing campaign literature, engaging in any communication that advocates or criticizes a particular candidate, officeholder, or political party or body, and wearing badges, buttons, or clothing with partisan messages.

These individuals who work as Deputy Registrars should remain non-biased but Fulton County hired all ACLU workers to be Deputy Registrars?

Deputy Registrars Training is also required.  This is noted in the ACLU’s ad for Deputy Registrars:

However, Monthly Operations Reports from Fulton County Board of Records and Elections (BRE) indicate that only 18 Deputy Registrars were trained in January 2020 (at 2 classes), and 31 Deputy Registrars were trained in February 2020 (at 5 classes).  All months from March 2020 through October show “0” Deputy Registrars trained and “0” Deputy Registrar classes during this time.

A total of 49 Deputy Registrars were trained by Fulton County officials, yet 255 ACLU Deputy Registrars were active on Election Day for the General Election per Carter Jones’ report, and most (at least over 80%) if not all of these Deputy Registrars, apparently were not trained in that function by the BRE.

Was there no effort by the BRE to identify and train the Deputy Registrars, who act as de facto County Employee Election officials with direct access to the County Voter Rolls on their personal devices?

Here’s Suzi Voyles testifying in front of the Georgia State Hearing from December 3, 2020, describe the ACLU-picked Deputy Registrars, their role, and their online access (at 2:11:11 in this clip).

The Deputy Registrars working in the election had full access to the Internet and had full access to election records and there are no records maintained by the BRE that show 255 Deputy Registrars were trained.  What could possibly go wrong?

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