Attorney Ty Clevenger Trying to Get to the Bottom of Seth Rich Murder Receives FOIA Response from FBI Stating It Will Take Decades to Provide All the Related Documents

Attorney Ty Clevenger has been trying for years to get to the bottom of Seth Rich’s death and the Deep State FBI’s actions in response to it.  Yesterday the FBI responded to his recent FOIA request and Clevenger believes based on the response it will be decades until all the requested records are released.

This is your FBI in action.  Ty Clevenger has been trying to get all the records the FBI has surrounding the death of former DNC employee Seth Rich.  Rich was gunned down at 4am in Washington DC in the summer of 2016.  Many people believe Rich was murdered because he released emails to WikiLeaks related to Hillary Clinton.  However, Rich’s case was classified as a robbery.

Clevenger has been attempting to obtain all the information related to the Seth Rich case as we have previously reported:

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This week Clevenger received a response from the FBI to his latest request.  In his request, Clevenger expanded his scope to include emails with the Awan brothers who may have worked with Seth Rich, emails relating to the supposed hack of the DNC in 2016, and then emails related to the FBI surveilling his client Ed Butowski.  (Butowski claimed Seth Rich was involved in leaking the documents to WikiLeaks.)

The FBI’s response to Clevenger’s request is here:

FBI 2021.06.16 Response Ty Clevenger’s Requests by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Clevenger believes that according to FBI Section Chief Michael Seidel, the FBI wants to take 26 months in the Texas (Butowski) case to produce records (about Imran Awan and family) that it is already obligated to produce to Judicial Watch in a separate case in D.C. Clevenger says:

After the 26 months is over, it appears that the FBI wants to begin producing 495,862 pages about the hacking of DNC emails. If they’re intending to do that at the standard rate of 500 pages per month, that will take almost 83 years. Maybe they’re saying they could whittle down the 496k records first, then start producing them at 500 pages per month, but we’re still talking about decades.

If I’m understanding the affidavit correctly, the FBI will then produce 3 pages of records about surveillance of Ed Butowsky and Matt Couch (hmm, I wonder why they want to wait decades to produce those 3 pages?). The FBI’s latest response is worse than its 2017 response to my request for records about Hillary Clinton’s secret email server, i.e., when they told me her secret email server was “not a matter of public interest.”

Here is a schedule provided by the FBI:

There appears to be no hurry with the FBI in providing documents in the Seth Rich-related case.  Maybe our grandchildren will be around when the document release is complete.

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