Arizona Governor Ducey Signs EO: No Mandatory Vaccines On Campus – But Is There A Catch?

The Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday that Arizona State University introduced a discriminatory COVID-19 vaccine policy.

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY: New COVID-19 Pseudo-Science Policies Discriminate Against Unvaccinated Students

Trying to force YOUNG, HEALTHY students to take this experimental, and in some cases, the life-threatening vaccine has failed because AZ Governor Doug Ducey finally stood up for his constituents.

This doesn’t happen often…

On Tuesday, Ducey issued an executive order which protects students from this authoritative measure to segregate the jabbed from the un-jabbed.

“The state of Arizona has routinely sided with individual freedom when it comes to vaccination.”

“Arizona State University communicated a new policy to all students mandating that they be vaccinated prior to returning to campus”

The policy requires that students who are not vaccinated or choose not to share their vaccination status will be subject to invasive restrictions such as daily health checks, twice-weekly testing and mandated mask-wearing”

“This policy has the potential to treat those with religious beliefs about vaccinations differently”

“Both federal and state law allows individuals the option to accept or refuse vaccinations”

“The policy adopted by Arizona State University attempts to usurp the constitutional authority of the executive and the legislature”

“1. A public university or community college may not mandate that students obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, show proof of COVID-19  vaccination, or place any conditions on attendance or participation in classes or academic activities, including but not limited to mandatory testing and mandatory mask usage, if a person chooses not to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine or disclose that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 unless such a requirement has been mandated by law in the state of Arizona.

This is concerning. Why is it necessary to include that “unless”? Is mandated vaccination coming to the state of Arizona? Why else would he make that statement?

He also states that this rule applies to “public universities,” but not private universities.

“3. A public university may only require testing due to a significant COVID-19 outbreak in a shared student housing setting that poses a risk to the students or staff prior to implementing this requirement the university must receive approval by the Arizona Department of Health Services”

A great call by Gov. Doug Ducey, who has failed us enough over the past year. BUT, is there a silver lining? Why did Doug say “unless such a requirement has been mandated by law in the state of Arizona”?

Ducey has been EXTREMELY weak as Governor and it appears he left another chink in his armor again.

Language is very important. we need to stay vigilant.

The full EO is at the link below.

Now Mr. Ducey, you seem to be thinking rationally these days. Why not tour the Arizona audit? Why so silent?

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