Ammo Supplier Cancels Order on Customer Who Said They Voted For Biden… Read the Epic Full Exchange

When you go to the website for Fenix Ammunition you are greeted by a single question on a full page: “Did you vote for Joe Biden?”

If you click on “yes,” you are redirected to Joe Biden’s website and his plan to attack the Second Amendment. If you click on no, you are redirected to the Fenix Ammunition store.

On Friday, the Michigan-based company posted a hilarious exchange with a customer. They posted a screenshot showing in the order notes that the customer had indicated they voted for Biden, but that they were ordering ammo anyways.

The next screenshots featured the ammo supplier emailing the customer to confirm that they did, in fact, vote for Biden.

The final screenshot shows their cancelled order.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, the company’s general manager Justin Nazaroff confirmed that they did really cancel the order — and that this isn’t the first time.

“Yes, we did cancel it, and we have no intention of selling to any individual who acknowledges they voted for a man who wants to put our company out of business,” Nazaroff explained.

“Biden is a cardboard cutout for lobbying groups with deep pockets, including Bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, Mom’s Demand Action, and Everytown for Gun Safety. If it wasn’t obvious before, his nomination of a literal war criminal like David Chipman to be the director of the ATF should be all you need to know about what his cabal plans to do with our Second Amendment rights,” he added. “I can only hope other companies in the firearms industry choose to follow our lead and make it clear that we have no obligation to service those who don’t understand what the Second Amendment is truly about – arming private citizens for the express purpose of preventing tyrannical governments from encroaching on our liberties.”


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