Trans Golfer Who Played On Men’s College Team Wins Women’s Title, Eyes LPGA

Hailey Davidson, who is biologically male but identifies as female, played in women’s golf last week and won a professional title after competing against biological women.

The transgender golfer, who previously played in men’s college golf, now hopes to qualify for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) for female golfers.

According to a Golkweek report, Davidson beat LPGA player Perrine Delacour to win the women’s title at Providence Golf Club in Orlando, Florida last week.

The USGA told Davidson on the same day that he had met the organization’s Gender Policy eligibility requirements and could now participate in the group’s championships.

Plans to join LPGA

Davidson, a 28-year-old social media employee for NBC’s Peacock division, which is part of the Golf Channel, wants the LPGA to make the same decision.

“I’m not just going to be stuck on mini-tours,” Davidson said, according to Golfweek.

Florida Today reported on the transgender athlete saying: “In January, Davidson underwent gender reassignment surgery, a six-hour procedure. She’s been undergoing hormone treatments since Sept. 24, 2015, a date that’s tattooed on her right forearm.”

“In 2010, the LPGA voted to eliminate its requirement that players be “female at birth” not long after a transgender woman filed a lawsuit against the tour.”

It added that earlier this year, the USGA changed its Gender Policy to shorten the length of time transgender athletes had to wait to compete. 

“Under the previous policy, a player must have undergone gender reassignment surgery at least two years prior to the entry deadline. The revised policy eliminated the two-year period. Gender reassignment surgery must now be completed prior to the championship entry deadline,” the report further said. 

It added that Davidson got word in early February, while still in Baltimore recovering from surgery, that she could compete in National Women’s Golf Association events.

Davidson earlier hit the two-year rule as transphobic, implying that it was intended to keep trans athletes away.

“To be honest, you’re really just putting up a two-year roadblock to hope that we give up by the time that two years finishes,” the trans golfer said. “That’s all I ever saw it as.”

The last tournament Davidson competed in as a male was U.S. Open local qualifying in 2015 at Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter.

Davidson: Any biological advantage “gone”

“Any advantage that existed is fully gone,” the golfer said on the alleged physical advantage of biological male athletes competing in women’s sports.

Davidson reportedly lost 9 mph in swing speed and hits it roughly 30 yards shorter off the tee since beginning hormonal treatments. She also lost roughly 60 pounds before the surgery and kept going to lose 90 pounds in the last 300 days, Golfweek reported. It added that she stayed away from any weight training in the process, doing whatever she could to trim muscle mass.

Meanwhile, LPGA said Davidson’s application for the LPGA is still under review.

“We are currently reviewing Hailey’s application to participate in LPGA Tour events under the LPGA’s gender policy,” said LPGA chief tour operations officer Heather Daly-Donofrio, Pro Golf Weekly reported

“The policy is designed to be a private and confidential process between the LPGA and the athlete,” it added.

Earlier, transgender rights activist Caitlyn Jenner, voiced opposition to moves allowing transgender athletes who were born male to compete on girls’ sports teams saying it “just isn’t fair.”

“It just isn’t fair, and we have to protect girls,” the reality star, who also won a men’s Olympic gold medal said. Jenner — who is also a transgender — reiterated that sports is for everyone but “competing is about fundamental fairness.”


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