Obama-Appointed Judge Approves Deferred Prosecution Deal For Two Prison Guards Who Admitted to Falsifying Records in Epstein Case

Jeffrey Epstein

Judge Analisa Torres, an Obama appointee on Tuesday approved the deferred prosecution deal for two prison guards who admitted they falsified records the night Jeffrey Epstein died.

In November of 2019, it was reported that the two prison guards falsified log entries to make it look like they were checking on inmates in Epstein’s cell every 30 minutes, when they actually weren’t.

The two prison guards admitted they falsified the logs but they won’t serve any jail time.

If the two prison guards comply with their deal with the DOJ, the government will drop its indictment against them.

CNBC reported:

A judge on Tuesday approved a deferred prosecution deal for two federal jail guards who failed to monitor sex offender Jeffrey Epstein on the August 2019 night that the wealthy investor hanged himself in his cell, where he was being held on child sex trafficking charges.

The agreement means that the two guards, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, will escape a conviction and potential jail sentence for pending criminal charges against them if they comply with the terms of the deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Those conditions include performing 100 hours of community service, being monitored by pretrial supervision officials for six months, and cooperating with a pending Justice Department probe of Epstein’s death.

Torres, during Tuesday’s roughly 15-minute hearing, asked the guards if they understood that they were admitting they “willfully and knowingly” submitted false documents about the night Epstein died.

“Yes, your honor,” they both replied.

Torres scheduled a follow-up hearing for Dec. 16.

The two prison guards, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas were either asleep or browsing the internet instead of looking after Epstein the night he ‘committed suicide’ in August of 2019.

Prosecutors said the two guards were online shopping for furniture and motorcycles and slept for a two-hour period the night Epstein died.

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly hanged himself with a prison bedsheet after being taken off of suicide watch.

Epstein, who is 6 feet tall, reportedly secured the bedsheet to the top bunk bed and wrapped the sheet around his neck.

Staffers attempted to revive Epstein before he was taken to an infirmary, then transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Although Epstein was taken off of suicide watch, prison guards, who were working overtime, broke protocols and failed to check on him every 30 minutes.

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