Minnesota Senate GOP Passes Voter ID Requirement to Prevent Voter Fraud

The Minnesota Senate on Monday advanced a proposal to require a photo ID in order to cast a ballot in a 32-34 vote.

The Democrat-controlled House is expected to kill the proposal.

Minnesota Republicans argued voter ID will restore the integrity of the election system.

Of course the Minnesota Democrats are calling the voter ID bill worse than “Jim Crow.”

The Duluth News Tribune reported:

The Minnesota Senate on Monday, May 3, advanced a proposal to require photo identification to cast a ballot in the state on a 34-32 vote.

Republicans, all of whom supported the measure, said the plan was key to ensuring election integrity and preventing voter fraud, while Democrats and an Iron Range Independent lawmaker opposed the proposal and said it would bar some from having their votes counted.

The bill is unlikely to gain traction in the House of Representatives where Democrats hold the majority. Lawmakers in that chamber have approved bills creating an automatic voter registration system and restoring the right to vote to people convicted of a felony who’ve served their prison sentence.

The plan would also make available free voter identification cards to those who don’t have another form of photo identification and can’t afford it. Under the Senate proposal, if someone went to vote without photo identification, they would cast a provisional ballot that would be held separately until the person can prove their identity or sign an affidavit.

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