Miami Dade Father Slams Mask Theatrics At Public School Board Meeting (VIDEO)

A parent of the Miami-Dade County Public School district showed up on Wednesday to demand that mask mandates be removed.

Manning Sumner’s speech was part of an ‘Unmask The Children’ protest in Miami-Date County Florida to liberate children from mandatory mask wearing in schools.

Sumner is a fitness expert who operates his own gym in Florida and had to shutdown his business during the COVID lockdowns.

Sumner shared his frustrations of the stupidity behind putting a mask back on before getting up. He also recalled before entering the building for the meeting, he was harassed outside by the security guards to put on a mask but noticed that once he walked inside, board members did not have their masks on.

The Miami-Dade County parent slammed the mask wearing as theater because people wear their masks with their noses sticking out, under their chin which he called ‘wearing chin diapers.’

I’ve been wearing a mask since September. I own businesses in Miami. No one tells me what to do with my face. I can breathe the fresh air. I’m not a super spreader. I’m not asymptomatic. All of this stuff has been debunked! All of this stuff! Every single bit. And then also, let me be clear. I have empathy and sympathy for the people that want to wear masks. If you guys want to wear a mask, wear a mask,” Sumner stated.

If you want to wear a mask, I have no problem with it

Sumner said he is okay with people wanting to wear” a mask and he doesn’t go around demanding people to remove their masks.

I don’t look at you and say, take off your mask. But if I don’t wear a mask, I’m some kind of killer. And that narrative has to stop!” Sumner stated.

I’m a healthy individual that eats right and exercises every day. It takes care of my family, wakes up at 4am and goes to bed at midnight! And the narrative has to stop. You guys can make a difference. And I see a lot of leadership in you. I see you standing there. I see smart men. You are some good. You’re the most, best-looking superintendent I’ve ever seen. Take off your mask. I can’t even see your hands and face without your mask. It’s time for you as a man remove your man! Talk without the mask to lead these children with some respect. And that’s what I’m asking for, common sense. And men and women stop asking for permission!” Sumner also shared.

MDCPS Superintendent reinstates mask mandate for all children for remainder of school year

Earlier in the week Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced that masks would be optional for students outside which the United Teachers of Dade President Karla Hernandez-Mats did not like but Carvalho now says mask will be mandatory for everyone on school campuses for the rest of the year, according to WSVN.
The United Teachers of Dade President Karla Hernandez-Mats did not like this announcement as well as to say this board meeting held made her feel, “Flabbergasted at the circus at @MDCPS school board meeting today.”
“Our educators believe it would be more prudent and less disruptive to have our students continue wearing face masks on our school campuses. As we wrap up the school year and children are already in the habit of following safety protocols, regardless of their location or activity, wearing face masks continues to provide another layer of protection,” read a portion of her statement. “Young children, who are also not yet eligible for the vaccine and have a harder time staying socially distant, are much more prone to losing items such as a mask during times of recess, which would then present unnecessary challenges and additional stress to our teachers and staff upon them needing to reenter our buildings and classrooms,” CBS Miami reported a statement made by Hernandez-Mats.
1-This alt-right group has baseless claims & their arguments should be dismissed (check out their website) 2-The audacity to compare masks that protect our students to the tragedy of #GeorgeFloyd is disgusting,” the Hernandez-Mats wrote to Twitter.

An unverified page called UnMaskMSCPS on Twitter responded to the post calling out Hernandez for “Rules for thee, but not for me,” after not following the CDC guidelines when it came to mask wearing after Hernandez attended a “First open air concert.”

@Colleen_Wright Also, thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy from the @MDCPS school board & even UTD President’s inability to follow CDC guidelines when it comes to mask wearing. This is precisely what parents were/are fighting against. “Rules for thee, but not for me,” the post continued.

“This was you back in April. NOT following CDC guidelines at the time. Pls do tell us which science you believe in…,” another post by UnMaskMDCPS posted.

Watch Father & Gym Owner Gives Epic speech About Removing Mask Mandates below:


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