Man On Video Dismantles BLM ‘Autonomous Zone’ Barricades Blocking Street At ‘George Floyd Square’

Not all heroes wear capes. 

Over the weekend, a man in Minneapolis was caught on tape dismantling a roadblock set up by BLM honoring George Floyd and cutting down structures with a hatchet.

According to video captured by the Star Tribune, the unidentified man pulled up to the show in his pickup truck before tossing signs to the pavement. At about 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, he returned to his car, took a hatchet, and bashed into what seemed to be a tiny shed.

“This was particularly upsetting that this would happen after the historic trial and the upcoming memorial,” said LaToya Evans, a spokesperson for a nonprofit organization organizing a Floyd memorial.

According to a spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department, the incident was not disclosed to police and, as a result, investigators have not yet investigated it.

All of the garbage was blocking a road that leads to “George Floyd Square,” a remote “autonomous” and “cop-free” region that surrounds the Cup Foods store near where Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020. Business owners in the district, which has been plagued with gang activity and violence, banded together earlier this year to seek city bailouts after officials permitted the zone to continue operating after June.

Minneapolis officials finally negotiated in early April to set aside a total of $1 million in interest-free $50,000 loans for those affected.

“Secondly, we’re continuing to make substantial progress over at 38th and Chicago. Right now, the city is set to move forward with a series of $50,000 interest-free, forgivable loans to businesses that have been substantially impacted over these last seven, eight, and nine months,” Mayor Jacob Frey said during the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Frey has previously expressed support for a “phased reopening” of the city, claiming that locals aren’t ready to see the zone disappear.


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