WTH? Michigan Grand Traverse GOP Leader Files Joint Motion With Far Left Assistant AG To Shut Down Antrim Co. Voter Fraud Case

Why is the Grand Traverse GOP Chair working with the Assistant AG to shut down the Antrim County voter fraud case? Is there anyone left in the Republican Party who has the courage to fight back against voter fraud?

100 Percent Fed Up reports – This afternoon, 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin J. Elsenheimer heard arguments from Erik Grill, Assistant Attorney General to the radical Attorney General Dana Nessel, representing  MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and the attorney representing Antrim County, who also happens to be the Chair of the Grand Traverse Republican Party, Haider Kazim. Kazim and Grill filed a joint motion to dismiss the election fraud lawsuit in Antrim County that was filed by Constitutional Attorney Matt Deperno of DePerno Law, on behalf of his client William Bailey.

Why is the chair of the Grand Traverse Republican Party fighting to stop the investigation into voter fraud in Antrim County where his GOP group is located? What’s in it for Mr. Hazim to stop the voter fraud case from moving forward?

In addition to Grand Traverse Republican Party, Haider Kazim and Michigan’s Asst. AG trying to quash the election fraud case,  Peter Wendling, an attorney representing township supervisors in Antrim County, argued that the court should not allow further discovery on the Dominion voting machines because it could be too costly to replace the equipment should it be damaged or rendered unusable. Wendling called an investigation into the machines “overly burdensome and unnecessary.” Incredibly, Mr. Wendling requested that if experts look at the equipment, Dominion should have a say in who inspects their machines—the machines DePerno is claiming intentionally changed the results of the 2020 election.

Antrim County attorney Chris Bzdoz agreed that an investigation into the Dominion machines should not be allowed.

Attorney Matthew DePerno responded to the allegation that an audit of the vote in Antrim County has already been granted, “In no event has the plaintiff been granted an audit,” but instead, the so-called “audit” included a hand recount ordered by the Secretary of State. DePerno stated that there had been no review of any of the down-ballot races.” DePerno told the judge, “We haven’t inspected the absentee ballots, how they were folded or what kind of paper they were printed on.”

DePerno explained to the judge that last week, they proved in a video that votes can be flipped using the same voting machines that were used in Antrim County, “We’ve received multiple problems that include problems at the tabulator, where we show people that the election can be flipped at the tabulator. We can flip votes up and down the ballot as we choose based only on the information and the programming that’s available to use on the Dominion voting system,” said DePerno, adding, “Certainly, the video we released last week shows the actual subversion of the votes.”

Here’s the video Attorney Matt DePerno mentioned in court showing Jeffrey Lendberg as systems vulnerability expert :


“We’ve been requesting discovery from the defendant since February 2021. We still have not received answers. We’ve done all this work, even without the help of the discovery responses from the Secretary of State or Antrim County. So, the question is really not why this has taken so long, but the real question is, why are we rushing this?” DePerno told the judge.

DePerno added new findings that he released last week, “We also discovered that in these individual townships, in the age group of 65-80, almost 100% of this age group voted,” adding that this is an unheard-of statistic.

“We also showed that over 20% of the absentee ballots were mailed out to PO Boxes which is illegal,” DePerno exclaimed.

DePerno also told the court that they have also identified 1061 “phantom votes” in Antrim County— votes cannot be tied to a registered voter.

After Kazim argued that the case needs to be shut down, DePerno responded by accusing MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and the Antrim County Clerk of fraud, telling the judge,”We are dealing with a voting system, where we have submitted substantial proof to the court, that these voting systems can switch votes—to manipulate votes and it’s so easy to do.” DePerno told the judge that this case all hinges on his client being granted an audit. He explained that the most recent so-called audit was only a hand-recount and did nothing to prove that his client, Mr. Bailey’s ballot, was not counted.

DePerno told the judge, “We now know how the votes were flipped in Antrim County,” he said, adding that his client didn’t even vote in the last election because he no longer trusts the election process in his county.

Watch a portion of the hearing:

After hearing this case, why would any judge not rule in favor of looking into the voting machines in Antrim County and other counties in Michigan?


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