Gay Sergeant Blasts Capitol Hill Pride Parade For Banning Cops, Calls Out ‘Blatant Hate’ and ‘Hypocrisy’

A gay Seattle Police Department sergeant is blasting Seattle’s Capitol Hill Pride, after it banned officers from attending the 2021 parade over concerns about “white supremacy.”

Capitol Hill Pride announced on Friday that they are banning law enforcement participation from the parade, which is scheduled to take place on June 26 and 27.

The organization claims that they are banning police to create “an atmosphere free of fear or harm,” they also asked that police working the event stick to the perimeters, claiming that they have“ongoing concerns of white supremacy views within police departments.”

“We feel the best way the police can do their job is on the perimeter watching for violators, hate groups and potential disruptions and uphold the new Washington State ban of open carry firearms at demonstrations instead of creating an intimidating police presence,” the statement reads.

An 18-year veteran with the Seattle Police Department has responded to the ban in an anonymous open letter published by the Post Millennial.

“Hello my name is [omitted]. I’ve lived and worked in Seattle for almost 20 years. I have absolutely loved the community the city gave me when I moved here after college from a small town,” the sergeant said in an email obtained by The Post Millennial.

“My disabled military veteran husband feels the same way. Pride to us was a monthly reminder each year of the great fortune we have and a chance to show thanks to the previous generation of gays, lesbians, trans for their work and sacrifice making the world more accepting to our folks,” he continued.

“However, I am a sergeant with the Seattle Police department. Your organization has taken the stance that no one in our organization is welcome to join in this years Pride celebration. I have personally spent my career, about 18 years now fighting for the rights of our community. To keep us all safe and to make the world a better space,” he fired back at the event organizations.The officer went on to call out the organization’s “blatant hate” and the hypocrisy of still requesting police protection for the event.

“I could not be more disappointed in what I and many LGBTQ officers feel is your blatant hate that is illustrated in your actions,” he said. “Further the hypocrisy of not allowing us in the parade but then asking for our protection from a far in the case someone treats you as you have us.”New York City Pride has also banned law enforcement officers from participating in pride parades until at least 2025.

NYC Pride Bans Police Officers From Participating in Pride Parades Until At Least 2025

The organization claims that they are banning police because they are “unwilling to contribute in any way to creating an atmosphere of fear or harm for members of the community.”

“Effective immediately, NYC Pride will ban corrections and law enforcement exhibitors at NYC Pride events until 2025. At that time their participation will be reviewed by the Community Relations and Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusion committees, as well as the Executive Board. In the meantime, NYC Pride will transition to providing increased community-based security and first responders, while simultaneously taking steps to reduce NYPD presence at events,” the organization said in a statement.


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