FREEDOM: DeSantis Suspends ALL Florida COVID Restrictions (VIDEO)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order on Monday that immediately suspends all COVID restrictions in the state.

DeSantis also signed legislation barring mayors and governors from enacting emergency orders that last longer than 42 days and banned vaccine passports.

“The fact is, we are no longer in a state of emergency,” DeSantis said during the press conference. “I think that’s the evidence-based thing to do.”

“I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that you really are saying you don’t believe in the vaccines, you don’t believe in the data you don’t believe in the science….We are no longer in the state of emergency,” he added.

DeSantis asserted that “we want people to live freely in the state of Florida.”

Private companies can continue to require people to wear masks — but Florida politicians cannot mandate it.


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