EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Knew Abusive Hunter Was Go-Between On Secret Deals Involving Biden Children

Joe Biden Wants people to see him as a great defender of women and children, but he allowed his son to abuse women and children and did nothing about it when he easily could have. 

Child Abuse takes adults to combat, and the American media, even Conservative outlets, do Americans no favors by glossing over hints of criminal, abusive behavior in powerful people. Hunter Biden is one of those powerful people who gets a free pass because his dad is Joe Biden.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this first back in October.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

Democrat Joe Biden said on Friday, “Women hold up half the world.”  But if he really cared about women, would he have allowed someone to talk to his daughter-in-law like they were garbage?

If someone sent this to your daughter or Mom, would you think there was a problem?

“Lets see you handle this Hallie you silly uniformed and disinterested shell for whatever man you decide to use next. Funny thing is you could just as easily be the co/chairman of the “center for the religious conviction that gays should be put to death.” Literally as you told me you don’t really care what a guy believes just as long as he’s certain of his beliefs.. So you want to handle you clueless middle aged over boxed flat ass loser? All yours/ RHB1″

This is an email from Hunter Biden to Hallie Biden in 2018 about some business for the Beau Biden Foundation:

And it is worse than just name-calling; Daily Mail published an article this week:

EXCLUSIVE: Former FBI director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for Joe Biden’s grandchildren and spoke with the vice president in 2016 ‘to explore lucrative future work options’ with Hunter as the middle man. 

After reading that Daily Mail article about the corruption in the Biden family, I thought it was an interesting story, but something that struck me as odd is how gently they dealt with Hunter’s inappropriate behavior.

I called Jack Maxey, a former host of the War Room Pandemic, to see if I could expand on that title a little, as in, remind people we are talking about Hunter, a very abusive man. Maxey sent me documents with a note, “Happy digging.”

How about:

Abusive Hunter Biden Was Go-Between On Major Secret Deals Involving Biden Children

Is it just me? Let’s remember there is enough evidence that Hunter Biden is abusive to women and girls to at least investigate. Still, the media continues to gloss over the abuse allegations made by his own sister-in-law.  Jack Maxey talked about it at length and posted about it months ago from Bannon’s War Room, so it is not a secret.

As most people know, Jack Maxey gave a copy of Hunter’s abandoned hard drive to Daily Mail. Then the Daily Mail confirmed with a cybersecurity expert that the contents were authentic.  Let’s not forget that  Hunter wrote stuff, like that passage above, to his own sister-in-law, with whom he was having an affair after his brother’s death and with whom he allegedly acted inappropriately with children, in the home they shared for some period of time.

Why hasn’t there been any investigation of those charges?  If it were anyone else, there would be plenty of people citing the laptop as evidence enough for an investigation.

Let’s remember that the foundation the family is discussing in those exchanges is the Beau Biden Foundation, which Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie, is the chairman of after her husband’s death.  And they happen during the time period while Hunter was having an affair with his brother’s widow.

The Beau Biden Foundation was meant to combat childhood sexual crimes of all things, and there is no remorse at all that a child or children could be the victims of abuse by Hunter.

From an email from Beau Biden about the foundation:

And yet, Hunter Biden is still directing matters into that foundation. And as the Daily Mail article points out, it is exposed as acting as a go-between for other high-profile government liaisons into very lucrative financial deals between foreign countries and the Biden family.

And it is not a secret that Hunter is loose cannon.

Hunter Biden was going on and on by text about Hallie, children, and guns, to who Maxey calls his “Therapist/Drinking buddy” while he was carrying secrets between nations, worth a lot of money.

Consider these childish texts:

On the laptop, according to Maxey, are other texts that talk about crimes and exploitations of children, including children Hunter Biden is related to, and yet, according to his texts, he believes he is the victim. These are classic patterns of abuse, and why is the media afraid to say so?

And in this text exchange, note that Hunter Biden is harassing Hallie Biden about allowing him to watch her take a shower. Notice the abusive tactics of gaslighting, shaming, humiliating, and passive-aggressive pouting. These are classic signs of manipulation, degradation, and mental and emotional abuse. And do not overlook the sexual abuse. 

The American media needs to do better when setting a narrative about the Biden family.  Someone needs to defend the widows and children, and it is not Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, or Jill Biden. Because when they had a chance to do it in their own family, they didn’t.  I am not going to listen to a lecture from any of them.


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