Establishment Republican Running For Virginia Governor “Teamed Up” with Anti-Police BLM Democrat

Pete Snyder

Establishment Republican Candidate for Governor Pete Snyder ‘Teamed Up’ with Anti-Police BLM Democrat

The establishment Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, Pete Snyder, “teamed up” last year with Sean Perryman, a radical, Black Lives Matter Marxist who is running for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia as a Democrat.

Perryman’s agenda includes forcing critical race theory into classrooms, banning guns, making Virginia a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, “defelonizing all drugs,” giving criminals in prison the right to vote, ending qualified immunity so that individual police officers can be personally sued and bankrupted for doing their job, and defunding the police.

Like most Black Lives Matter activists, Perryman sees white supremacy everywhere. That’s why last year during the COVID lockdowns he directed financial assistance only to businesses owned by non-white Americans. Teaming up with him in this woke effort to discriminate against white people was none other than Pete Snyder.

You may remember Snyder as the former Romney-McCain Republican who is best buds with Lincoln Project cofounder and Never Trumper Rick Wilson. Wilson and Snyder shared an apartment together, along with some Russian hookers they like to tweet about.

But Perryman and Wilson aren’t the only liberals Snyder is cozy with. Aside from his own self-funding, Snyder’s gubernatorial campaign is primarily bankrolled by Mark Kimsey, who gave Snyder a $1 million check in March. Kimsey is a Beverly Hills Democrat and big donor to Hillary Clinton and Democrat Senator Mark Warner.

Daniel Gade, the Virginia Republican who tried to unseat Senator Warner in 2020, recently revealed that when he asked Snyder to donate to his campaign last year, Snyder told him that “first I’ve got to call Mark Warner and get his permission because he and I are friends.”

And speaking of Hillary, new video has emerged showing Snyder calling Hillary a “rockstar” and saying he is a “big fan.” He has also praised the “exceptional job” she did as Secretary of State under Obama.

Given all this, it makes sense that Snyder was paid to do online marketing for years by the Democrat Party – and it’s absolutely clear that conservatives in Virginia need to support anyone BUT Snyder.


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