The Duties of the Green Shirts, Yellow Shirts and Blue Shirts in Arizona Maricopa County’s Forensic Audit Currently in Progress

Did you wonder what are the duties of the individuals involved in the Maricopa County audit?  Why the different colored shirts?  Doug TenNaple provides some explanations for the duties related to each group involved in the audit.

We already pointed out the duties of the individuals wearing blue shirts in the Maricopa County Audit so today we can provide explanations for the yellow and green colored shirts.

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Denied Entry Into Maricopa County Elections Center as Ballots Are Counted

We also pointed out that this is likely the most transparent audit ever:

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Denied Entry Into Maricopa County Elections Center as Ballots Are Counted

Those wearing blue shirts as we explained previously are looking for folds in the paper ballots.  No folds in absentee ballots would mean they were never mailed and therefore almost certainly would be fraudulent.

Another report from TenNaple was about the yellow shirts.  These individuals are looking at mail-in ballots:

TenNaple says the duty of the green shirts is to examine those ballots which are lined up in error – potentially intentionally so they can be adjudicated.  Remember in Antrim County, Michigan, around 68% of all the ballots were adjudicated?  If the Democrats and those who created the ballots, misaligned the ballots on purpose, they would automatically go to adjudication where Democrats could change the votes to Biden.  The number of adjudicated ballots should be less than 1% per our prior reporting:

The Election Assistance Commission (originally the Federal Election Commission) allows a maximum error rate of just 0.0008 percent (pdf). That is, the 68.05 percent audited error rate for Dominion software in Antrim County is a staggering 85,000 times the allowable error rate.

As we said before, we don’t know all that is going on specifically by group.  But even with what we know, we can see more going on in this audit than any election vote counting exercise or audit to date.  Cameras should be mandated for all audits and vote counts that take place in elections from this point forward.

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