“It’s Bullsh*t!” – AZ Democrat Senator Martin Quezada Loses It – Tells TGP Reporter He Wants to Get Rid of Voter ID – Says It’s Harder for Minorities to Get a License to Vote –VIDEO

“IT’S COMPLETE BULLSH*T, ITS BULLSH*T” – AZ Dem. Senator Martín Quezada throws a fit! Compares Arizona Senate Audit to Jim Crow voter suppression but can’t back it up when confronted.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson confronted Arizona Democratic Senator Martín Quezada on Thursday at the LUCHA ‘END the FILIBUSTER RALLY’ in Phoenix, Arizona.

This protest was meant “to send a big message to Senators Sinema and Kelly–Arizonans want them to eliminate the filibuster now so we can pass all of the popular legislation voters want.”. These demands included a minimum wage hike, open borders, the green new deal, and the discarding of secure election laws, including voter ID.

When Quezada spoke, he used his platform to trash America’s audit as an attempt to suppress the vote of minorities. He said “This audit that they are doing of the MC Elections System is designed to do three things, spread fear, spread distrust, and spread LIES about what has happened so that they can then justify their voter suppression measures that they are pushing through the legislatures. Just like SB 1485”.

He told the crowd that the audit and the filibuster were part of a “systematic approach to suppressing your vote.”

His speech preceded the black pansexual* pastor, who demanded reparations and claimed that if it weren’t for black people, this country would not exist. White liberals, who made up more than half of the crowd, Loved it!

That’s when Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson confronted Senator Quezada on his speech against America’s Audit.

Jordan Conradson: Senator, You related the audit to Jim Crow laws and said it is an attempt to suppress the minority vote. How is that so?

Senator Quezada: Uhhh, you know what’s going on with the audit right now. It’s based on a lie.

Conradson: Oh, I know all about the audit. My name is Jordan Conradson. I’m with The Gateway Pundit. So you say it’s a lie, you said it’s to promote fear, to create fear. Are you not creating fear in the audit process?

Quezada: No, no. The audit’s already done that, because when it’s based on a lie, it’s completely non-factual.

Conradson: Hold on. Let me ask you this. Why won’t you just let the audit continue and prove that you’re right?

Quezada: Because that nonsense is like completely illogical. It’s complete bullsh*t because that’s like me saying like, Karen Fann is an alien. We need to check her medical records and if you believe that that’s true, you should let me do it so I can ensure that’s true. It’s bullsh*t.

Conradson: How is the possibility of a nonsecure election comparable to Karen Fann being an alien? That makes no sense.

Quezada: Uh, well, cuz if you look at each and every one of the audits that have been done, that have proved that the election is complete and secure. The audits have already been done multiple times, multiple lawsuits, all of that has proven that the election was completely secure. And even their own audit firm can’t get their shit together so this is a fraudulent firm, they’re collecting money from dark money sources. They can’t get their shit together. They’re tripping over themselves trying to make it look good.

Or maybe, just maybe they’re tripping over the hurdles put in place by MC officials, Secretary Hobbs, and the DOJ in their desperate attempts to hide the results.

Conradson: Alright, so you avoided my original question. How does this suppress the minority vote? Or are you just using race, using the race card?

Quezada: So, I’ll tell you why. What they’re doing is they’re trying to, just like I said up there, they’re trying to create a sense of fear. They’re trying to create a sense of distrust to JUSTIFY all of those voter suppression measures that they’re pushing right now.

Conradson: Voter suppression like what? Like ID to vote?

Quezada: Exactly. Yep. 100%.

Conradson: So, you think that minorities can’t get a driver’s license as easily as a white person can?

Quezada: I’m all done here.

Conradson: No, answer my questions. Do you think that minorities can’t get a driver’s license as easily as a white person can?

Quezada: Calm down. You’re nervous your Hands are Shaking, go get a glass of water and we’ll talk after that.

Conradson: No, Listen up, I have water. Why don’t you answer my question? What voter suppression laws are currently trying to go through the senate?

Quezada: The one that was just signed. There’s multiple other ones 1713, 1485, 1713, all of the ones that Sen. Kelly Townsend are sponsoring, all of the ones that Sen. Mesnard are sponsoring, all of the ones that Sen. Ugenti Rita are sponsoring.

Conradson: So how about this, do you think it is harder for a black person or a minority to get an ID to vote?

Quezada: I’ve already, I’ve answered, I’ve answered both, I’ve answered your questions.

Conradson: You do? (think it is harder for a black person or a minority to get an ID to vote)

Quezada: Yes.

Conradson: You think it is harder for a minority to get to vote.

Quezada: Ok you’re all done.

Conradson: Alright thank you. I see you’re not going to answer my questions.

The poor guy, he was stumbling over his words with aggressive language. Does he think that minorities can’t get an ID? Does he think they’re stupid?

This guy is not the brightest and I’m sure he’ll hear it from Dem leadership for opening his vulgar mouth.

*Pansexual – not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

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