Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Caught Lying About Flipping Off Constituent

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby was last in the news for filing a bogus FCC complaint against a local TV station for their news coverage of her earlier this month. This week Mosby is in the news for lying about flipping off a constituent.

Video posted online by Kelly Davis, the wife of convicted killer Keith Davis, Jr. who is set for his fifth trial in the controversial 2015 murder of Pimlico Race Course security guard Kevin Jones, showed a man, Sean Gearhart, walking or slowly riding a bicycle approaching Mosby as she stood with two women partially blocking a paved walkway at an outdoors waterfront bar. Gearhart zig zagged through the women and, as he passed Mosby who stood still and did not make way, called out “Free Keith Davis, Jr.! Free Keith Davis, Jr.” Gearhart turned the camera back toward Mosby as he moved away down the walkway. Mosby could be seen with her back turned slightly toward the Gearhart, making a gesture with her raised her right hand. Gearhart said Mosby had given him the finger.

“But this isn’t personal? A current Baltimore City State’s Attorney gave the middle finger to a constituent simply because he said #FreeKeithDavisJr this is truly i appropriate (sic) and further proof we should be demanding these charges against Keith be dropped”

Mosby’s official Baltimore State Attorney Twitter account denied flipping the bird, saying she had gestured with her thumb, “This is clearly a thumb guys – enough already. Let’s move on.”

Lefty independent reporter Justine Barron posted screen caps showing Mosby lied. The video showed Mosby giving the finger and gesturing with her thumb.

Mosby then admitted to the Baltimore Sun she flipped the bird, but then tried to paint herself as a scared woman victimized by a maskless man on a bicycle. The video shows Mosby and her friends were also not wearing masks.

“Last night while I was out with work colleagues, an unmasked male stranger aggressively biked towards me and two female friends and shouted into my face. As he biked off, I responded in the way any normal woman would to a threatening strange man.”

Kelly Davis posted a photo of Sean Gearhart who, no offense intended, does look a bit like non-threatening soy boy.

The Sun published an editorial on Friday criticizing Mosby for lying to the public (excerpt).

A state’s attorney flipping someone the bird in Baltimore should not be front-page news. What landed it there was Marilyn Mosby’s apparent attempt to cover it up, claiming to raise a thumb instead of the one-finger salute.

…As the video made the viral rounds, Ms. Mosby posted on Twitter that the gesture was “clearly a thumb,” and she later offered an official statement saying similar to the media.

…In this incident, there was an eventual acknowledgment from Ms. Mosby — made after The Sun showed her a screenshot image of her hand — and it may be worse than the initial denial. In a statement, Ms. Mosby explained the gesture as a response that “any normal woman would [give] to a threatening strange man.”

That was a remarkably insensitive explanation from an official whose office deals with victims of violence — domestic and otherwise — day in and day out. Threatened people generally don’t poke the bear coming at them with obscene hand signs. Pissed off people do. And what’s more, it’s understandable, if unprofessional. Why not just say so and move on?

Background on the Keith Davis, Jr. case via The Hill (excerpt):

Keith Davis Jr., who is serving a 50-year prison sentence, was granted a new trial last week — his fifth — in a 2015 murder case. He was convicted of killing a Pimlico security guard, Kevin Jones, in June 2015, just weeks after protests swept the city over Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, according to the Sun.

His first and third trials ended in hung juries. His second resulted in a conviction that was later overturned and a jury in his fourth and latest trial convicted him as well. Supporters of Davis, who are growing in number, have been pressing Mosby to forego a fifth murder trial and allow Davis to be released.

Davis’s wife, Kelly Davis, told The Hill that the video made her question Mosby’s reputation as a “progressive prosecutor.”

“So explain this to me, a progressive prosecutor in Baltimore City is following the trend of a white southern district attorney with a reputation of being racist, is that what we’re doing. It doesn’t make sense,” Kelly Davis told The Hill.

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