Along with the Biden Administration Came Attacks on Israel and Jews Worldwide

Guest post by Ezequiel Doiny

The only safe place for Jews in the Middle East is Israel and this small country is under attack.  Along with this, Jews worldwide are experiencing an increase of hate and violence from the left.

We’ve reported on the differences between Israel and Hamas.  While Hamas sends bombs into Israel hoping to kill anyone, the small country of Israel is strategic in nature and warns innocents when a bomb is coming.

OPPOSITES: Israel Warns Gaza Civilians Housing Rocket Launchers Before Blowing Them Up But Hamas Tells No One and Shells Humanitarian Aid on its Way to Gaza

But along with the violence against Jews in the Middle East, violence against Jews worldwide appears to have increased as well with the dawning of the Biden/Obama Administration.

Since 1948, 850,000 Jews have been expelled from Islamic Tyrannies in the Middle East.  There are 57 Islamic States in the World (see OIC Members) with a collective population of 1.8 billion, there is only one Jewish State smaller than NJ with a population of 8 million.

Palestinian Arabs join the 57 Islamic States as an integral part of the “Islamic Ummah” as the charter of the PA reveals in Article 1 –

Text of the 1968 Charter: Article 1: Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an integral part of the Arab nation.”

As the Palestinian Charter declares the Arab Palestinian people are “an integral part of the Arab Nation”. On March 23, 2012, MEMRI reported “Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip, and Says: “Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis”.

The Tower reported “…Al-Zahar [a co-founder of the terrorist group Hamas] responded by reinforcing Hamas’ commitment to the complete liberation of Palestine. “If we liberate Palestine through the resistance until the 1967 borders, we will go directly to liberate the rest of Palestine and the territories of 1948, and there will be no negotiations,” he said.

“If Hamas liberated 99.9% of the land of Palestine, it will not give up on the rest,” al-Zahar continued. He added, “We cannot religiously, morally or nationally give up on one inch of the land of Palestine.”

Israel knew they had a friend in President Donald Trump.  He proved this through numerous actions like aiding in the creation of four peace treaties in the Middle East between Israel and Arab countries. 

As soon as the new Administration took over, the same ways of the Obama Administration took effect.  Jews were attacked worldwide and Isreal was under attack by Hamas. 

Ezequiel Doiny is author of “Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall”

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