Will Attorney Roopali Desai Who Now Represents a Democrat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Against the Arizona Senate Address Her Potential Conflicts of Interest?

Roopali Desai is currently representing Democrat Steve Gallardo on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in his attempt to prevent the Arizona Senate’s 2020 Election results audit from taking place.  But she also represented the state in a case against an Arizona citizen.  These activities potentially are conflicts that must be addressed.

Roopali Desai currently represents Democrat Steve Gallard in his attempt to stop the 2020 election audit in Maricopa County.  She is the first name listed in the filing against the Arizona Senate.

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The problem for Ms. Desai is that she has a potential conflict due to her work representing the state of Arizona (Governor Ducey) in the Ducey  – Burk case.  In this case, Desai represents the governor against Burk.  Burk’s case is now with the US Supreme Court.

So in one case, Desai is representing the Arizona government (Governor Steve Ducey) and in another, she is representing Gallardo against the Arizona government (the Arizona Senate).

Desai was also on a letter where her firm joined other firms and a Democrat non-profit in threatening the auditors who are assisting the Senate in their audit:

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This is a muddy situation.  There are a lot of players in these audits.  However doesn’t attorney Desai owe the people of Arizona an explanation of how she is going to carry on her duties in these different cases while remaining independent and objective?

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