Audit Team In AZ on Thursday Night Describes Process Involved in Audit – Liberal Media Screams and Demands to Know Who Is Paying for It

The former Arizona Secretary of State and the CEO of Cyber Ninjas held a press conference on Thursday night in the Arizona Veteran Memorial Coliseum at the state fairgrounds in Phoenix.  The media was only there to cause trouble.  They had no intention of listening to the incredible work that had already been done to develop the most transparent audit in history.

The minute man militia posted comments from Thursday’s presser:

Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan spoke to reporters at the Veteran Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday night to explain how auditors will accurately verify each ballot.

Bennett opened the conference by dispelling left-wing talking points and reiterating that the procedures were the focus and not the opinions of anyone involved.

Logan touched upon the cameras located around the arena. He showed the press the positions of all nine cameras stationed around the coliseum, which are all tasked with the purpose of ensuring accountability of the process.

Logan then walked the press through their forensic audit system step-by-step while noting this forensic audit is beyond fool proof. He said protocols are in place to ensure that the integrity of the presidential and senatorial elections in Maricopa County is maintained.

John Brakey, the co-founder of Audit USA, said the count was necessary to help reestablish America’s trust in the electoral process while dismissing claims that counting ballots was in any way a violation of the right to a secret vote.

The presser got a bit heated when a reporter started accusing Logan of using a double standard by checking the auditors social media for potential political affiliation or opinion on the election while routinely posting about election fraud on his social media. The unnamed reporter’s attempt to catch Logan off-guard was quickly dismissed.

Logan said he will be more than happy to prove the system is non-partisan, adding he simply wants a free and fair election. In the meantime, auditors will be sifting through the more than 2 million ballots over the next six weeks to finally get to the truth of what happened in November.

Below is an example of the fair and balanced Arizona media.  They didn’t care when millions of Zuckerbucks given to Maricopa County disappeared before the election:

HUGE: Maricopa County Was Given $3 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Before Election But No One Knows Who Received It and What It Was Used For!

But now the media must know who is paying for this audit and how much it is – this was embarrassing for the reporters – they should be ashamed:

The media want to believe that somehow senile Joe Biden won the 2020 Election.  “It must be true” they scream.  But deep down, they know the old man with circles on the floor had no chance against President Donald Trump.  There was only one way he could win.

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