Postponed: Ohio Pro Police ‘Back the Blue’ Rally Featuring Marjorie Taylor Greene Set for Saturday Scrubbed After Officials Bar Security Fencing to Protect Attendees from Antifa, BLM Thugs

A rally to support Columbus, Ohio police featuring Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) set to be held at the Statehouse in Columbus Saturday was postponed by organizer Ohio Gun Owners after officials refused to provide security fencing to protect rally attendees from Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs who were vowing to show up at the rally. The organizer had been trying to hold a peaceful gathering by asking for the fencing and requiring attendees to register online. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel was also scheduled to speak at the rally. Greene said in a statement that Statehouse officials would not provide police or allow her to contract off duty police as security for her as a member of Congress.

The rally was to be held the day after the funeral of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old black female who was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer last week as she tried to stab another young black female.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on a Facebook video statement by organizer Chris Dorr:

Dorr, in a Thursday Facebook video, declared the event was postponed, citing concerns about counterprotesters and discussions with the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, which handles permits for rallies on the grounds.

“We have to let Antifa and Black Lives Matter and some of these violent protesters into our event, and they have equal right to stand there and say what they want to and antagonize our members and our supporters, all the people there to back the blue?” Dorr asked. “Our legal counsel says yes.”

…CSRAB spokesman Mike Rupert said the board did not deny Ohio Gun Owners’ permit or cancel the event. “The Ohio Gun Owners reached the decision to postpone their event, and any question regarding that decision should be directed to them,” he said.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Craig Cvetan said the patrol was involved in the conversations with Dorr’s group, which requested additional fencing, because they oversee security for the Ohio Statehouse and its grounds.

“We had a plan in place to ensure safety,” said Cvetan, adding that the grounds are public property for Ohioans to gather and let their voices be heard.

More Dorr via Ohio Capital Journal:

“We’re showing up to back the brothers in blue, our law enforcement, people like [Columbus Police officer] Nicholas Reardon who did what they did,” Dorr said.

“We have to allow antifa and Black Lives Matter and some of these violent protesters into our event? And they have equal right to stand there and say what they want to and antagonize our members and our supporters and all the people there to back the blue?”

Greene tweeted a statement and comments: “Why would attorneys for Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board demand no security fencing and make this change less than 48 hours before the event? Allowing radical violent BLM/Antifa in with Pro-Police peaceful attendees?
It’s a set up for violence! Who would do that???…Apparently, the legal counsel who advised all former security protocols in regards to security fencing be thrown out, wanted BLM/Antifa violent terrorists in the rally so innocent people would be attacked. And all the violence caught on camera. Why the set up?”

The rally has yet to be rescheduled.

UPDATE: MTG interview with Newsmax on the rally postponement:

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