New Judge in Maricopa County Audit Case Was Not Only Appointed by Democrat Janet Napolitano, He Has Ties to the Marc Elias Firm Perkins Coie

We reported earlier today that a new judge was appointed in the Democrats’ case to stop the audit in Maricopa County.  Here’s more on the new judge, Judge Daniel (Dan) Martin.

On Sunday there was shocking news out of Arizona that the judge in the Democrats’ case in attempting to end the audit in Maricopa County was recusing himself.  We first received information that it was because the Democrats had shopped around to find an attorney that used to work with Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Christopher Coury.  However, we later received evidence that this was not the case, the attorney that caused the conflict was working with the audit firm Cyber Ninjas.

BREAKING: Arizona Judge Recuses Himself From Election Audit Case To Be Settled in the Morning After Judge Is Notified that Attorney Who Previously Interned for Judge Works for the Auditors

Then today we found out who the new judge is in the case, Judge Daniel (Dan) Martin.  Martin, it turns out, was appointed to his current position by former Arizona Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano.

Maricopa Madness: New Judge on Case Was Appointed by Former Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano – Sets Hearing in the Case for Tomorrow

After further research and comments from numerous readers we now also know that Judge Martin also used to work with Brown & Bain (now Perkins Coie).  The Judge’s bio explains:

Judge Daniel (Dan) Martin was appointed to the bench in 2007, and is currently assigned to the civil division. Judge Martin received his master’s and law degrees from the University of Arizona, and served as the Managing Editor of the Arizona Law Review. Following his graduation, Judge Martin clerked for Justice James Moeller on the Arizona Supreme Court. In 1992 Judge Martin joined Brown & Bain (now Perkins Coie) as an associate. He left Brown & Bain in 1996 to join the firm of Bonn, Luscher, Padden & Wilkins, where he worked primarily in the area of complex commercial litigation. In 1999, Judge Martin joined the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings, where he served as an Administrative Law Judge for approximately eight years until his appointment to the Superior Court. Judge Martin has served in the Court’s criminal, family and juvenile court divisions.

The concern here is that Perkins Coie is the firm that has represented Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party for years.  Although this was a long time ago, it still is noteworthy that there is also this connection.  Perkins Coie is currently working with other firms in Arizona in their attempts to stop this audit in Maricopa County:

EXCLUSIVE: The Democrats’ Attorney Marc Elias Has His Army of Radical Lawyers Ready to Threaten and Stop Any Election Audit in Maricopa County Arizona

We don’t expect Judge Martin to recuse himself, but we do expect to see some of his connections possibly influence his actions.

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