Dementia Joe Biden Went Golfing on 87th Day in Office – Biden Lies In Golf Too and Reports Himself as a 6 Handicap

The media is reporting that Joe Biden went golfing today. 

The media released pictures of him next to his car after his round.

It is not clear how well Joe can do at this point but doubtful he can finish 18 holes.

Meanwhile, feeble Joe Biden continues to lie and claim he is a 6 handicap.  What a joke.

The media reported that Joe Biden went golfing today.  According to Mediaite:

President Joe Biden has gone golfing for the first time in his presidency, according to White House reporters.

On Saturday morning, pool reports indicated a trip to an undisclosed location, which turned out to be the Wilmington Country Club. From AFP’s Sebastian Smith:

POTUS motorcade arrived at the Wilmington Country Club just north of Greenville at 12:58 pm. Pool could not immediately see the president as we are now pausing in the car park.

The media is quick to say this was Biden’s first time since January 20th insinuating it is because he is such a hard worker.  But we all know that is not true because the guy rarely is present for anything and when he is, he is not all there.

Yesterday, for example, the Prime Minister of Japan arrived at the White House and Biden didn’t even greet him at the front door.  He was too sick but today he is out golfing?  Seriously?

It Was Worse Than We Thought: NO ONE Met Japanese Prime Minister at the White House Door Except Stationary Army Guard

So today Biden goes golfing and the media continues the lie that Biden is a good golfer and a 6 handicap.

But that’s a pretty good score for someone like Biden who is senile and doesn’t know where he is most the time.

One former Representative commented about Joe’s handicap in the past.

While working in Washington as a senator and vice president in recent years, Biden was listed by Golf Digest as a 6.3 handicap. He played a round with then-President Barack Obama and two Republican leaders, House Speaker John Boehner and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Years earlier, while speaking at the Republican National Convention, Kasich had doubted Biden’s golf ability.

“Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer,” said Kasich, a former presidential candidate. “And I’ve played golf with Joe Biden; I can tell you that’s not true, as well as all of the other things that he says.”

Another day, another lie and production from Biden.



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