Joe Biden Leans Forward and Whispers to Women at Check-in Desk at Vaccination Site in Virginia (VIDEO)

Joe Biden toured a pop-up vaccination site in Alexandria on Tuesday inside the Virginia Theological Seminary.

Biden was creeping on women within minutes of entering the vaccination site.

Joe Biden asked the names of the women at the check-in desk, asked them how many people they vaccinate per day, then leaned forward and whispered, “We passed 150 million – yesterday.”

“I’m keeping it a secret but everyone can hear me,” Biden added.

The woman at the check-in desk also told Biden that people need to show ID before receiving the vaccine but he didn’t accuse them of racism.

Covid social distancing and mask-wearing has prevented Biden from sniffing babies and touching women, but it looks like his old self is back now that Covid is fizzling out.


Biden just can’t help himself. He leaned inches from someone’s face and told them to socially distance.



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