Democrat North Las Vegas Mayor Switches Parties, Cites the Party’s Embrace of Socialism (VIDEO)

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee is switching his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican, due to his former party’s open embrace of socialism.

Lee announced his switch during an appearance on Fox and Friends on Tuesday.

“In the Democratic Party of Nevada, they had an election recently for leadership, and four of the five people were card-carrying members of the socialistic party,” Lee said. “It’s not the party that I grew up with 25 years ago in this environment, and it’s not the party that I can stand with anymore.”

Recently, members of the Democratic Socialists of America were elected to most of the Nevada Democratic Party’s top leadership spots.

Despite previously being a Democrat, Lee is anti-abortion, has an A+ rating from the NRA, and is a Trump supporter. According to his website, he voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Lee posted the following letter explaining his views on his website:

The American Independent reports that Lee has been discussed as a possible candidate in Nevada’s 2022 gubernatorial election to challenge Democratic incumbent Steve Sisolak.


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