BREAKING: Nadler Unveils Democrats’ Plan to Pack Supreme Court, Claims: “We’re Not Packing it, We’re Unpacking It” (VIDEO)

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler unveiled the Democrats’ plan to pack the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The majority of Americans do not support court packing, but stolen elections have consequences.

Nadler said the number of justices is up to Congress and Congress has changed that number 7 times in the history of the country.

Chairman Nadler said the Democrats are seeking to expand the Supreme Court by four seats to match the number of circuit courts.

“13 justices for 13 circuits is a logical progression,” Nadler said.

Nadler then threw out this Orwellian line: “We’re not packing it, we’re unpacking it.”

Jerry Nadler actually accused McConnell of “packing the court” by filling vacancies – everyone knows that “packing the court” means expanding the number of seats, but we shouldn’t expect the truth from Democrats because they are liars by nature.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday morning said she does not support Jerrold Nadler’s bill to expand the Supreme Court by four seats.

Pelosi said she has “no plans” to bring Nadler’s court packing bill to the House floor.

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