BREAKING: 50 Armed Police Raid Rebel News Reporters Airbnb, Arrest Them for ‘Illegal Gathering’ (VIDEOS)

Approximately fifty heavily armed police raided the hotel where Rebel News reporters were staying in Montreal on Saturday.

Rebel News reporters Keean Bexte and David Menzies have been detained.

The Canadian conservative outlet said in a statement that “police have sealed off the AirBnb we were staying in with police tape — they say it’s a ‘crime scene.'”

“Of course it’s not. In fact, when we asked them what the ‘crime’ was, all they could come up with was that our staying in the hotel was an illegal ‘gathering,’ contrary to Quebec’s lockdown laws,” the statement continued. “That’s obviously not true. It is a registered, legal hotel rental on Airbnb. In fact, we had fewer guests than the facility is built for.”

Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant continued on to note that “this is the same Montreal police who have harassed and assaulted our reporters for weeks. This is their revenge. Because we report on their misconduct.” He also said that he was manhandled by the police.

The outlet was in town to cover anti-lockdown protests.

Levant is now fundraising to file a lawsuit against the police force. Those who wish to contribute can do so here.


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