BLM MINNEAPOLIS: ‘They Gonna Let Us Burn This Whole Motherf*cker To the Ground’ (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter militants in Minneapolis are going off the rails, even though they got the verdict that they wanted and Derek Chauvin was seemingly convicted just to appease them.

In a speech before a crowd of far-left activists who stood in apparent agreement, a Black Lives Matter militant declared that they are going to burn the city down if they don’t get the change they are demanding.

“I need all the white liberals to keep caring,” the man shouted.

He went off on some more unintelligible screaming before asserting, what sounded like, “they gonna let us burn this motherf-cker to the ground before they give us systemic change.”

Sounds like a terroristic threat to those of us who aren’t brainwashed into thinking this insane behavior is normal or acceptable.

Black Lives Matter extremists have mobilized in multiple cities. The Gateway Pundit will be providing updates throughout the evening.


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