It’s Back! Parler Returns to Apple’s App Store Following Coordinated Effort By Media and Big Tech to Shut the Platform Down

Parler is back in the Apple app store after a coordinated attack from the media and big tech to shut the free-speech oriented platform down.

Republican Congressmen Ken Buck and Mike Lee had sent a letter to Apple late last month demanding answers about why Apple removed Parler from the App Store.

On Monday, the representatives received a response saying that the platform would be reinstated.

Buck called the instatement a “huge win for free speech.”

It is hard to consider this a real win when millions of people were silenced during one of the most controversial elections of our lifetime, however.

Apple did not hold back their disdain for the conservatives using the platform, either.

Apple claimed that some posts on Parler “encouraged violence, denigrated various ethnic groups, races and religions, glorified Nazism, and called for violence against specific people.” Apple also claimed that Parler’s “moderation practices were clearly inadequate to protect users from this harmful and dangerous content.”

Still, Apple has decided that people can be allowed to speak to each other again, for now, and said that the app will be available as soon as Parler releases it.

“Parler has proposed updates to its app and the app’s content moderation practices, and the App Review Team has informed Parler as of April 14, 2021 that its proposed updated app will be approved for reinstatement to the App Store.” Apple stated that it expects that the app would once again be “available immediately upon Parler releasing it.”

Apple also claims that they were not colluding with the other tech companies that helped drive the platform offline.

“Apple made an independent decision to remove Parler for non-compliance with the Guidelines, and it did not coordinate or otherwise consult with Google or Amazon with respect to that decision,” they claimed.

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