WOW: Stupid Protester Climbs on Hood of LAPD Vehicle During Breonna Taylor Protest — Cop Drives Off Anyway (VIDEO)

An exceptionally dumb Black Lives Matter activist climbed on the hood of a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle and held on for dear life as the officer drove away.

The far-left militants clashed with police in Hollywood on Saturday while they “protested” to commemorate the anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death in Louisville, Kentucky, during a police raid.

In a shocking video, some of the dumber militants attempted to block a police vehicle from getting through.

One of the militants began to bang on the police car — before him and another climbed on top of the hood.

The officer decided to leave the situation and drive off, with both men on the hood. One jumped off, the other went for a ride.

The idiotic protester was reportedly not seriously injured.

The New York Post reports that images from the “protest” also showed “graffiti scrawled around the area, including ‘die pigs’ and ‘f–k 12,’ a common anti-police message used during protests.”


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