WOW: Rep. Matt Gaetz Obliterates Fellow Congressmen For Using SPLC and ‘Cancel Culture’ to Attack Members of Our Military (MUST WATCH VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz did not hold back as he blasted both Democrats and Republicans in the House Armed Services Committee for using cancel culture to attack members of our military.

On Tuesday, the committee held a hearing about “extremism in the military” and what to do about any perceived “hate speech” or wrong think within the ranks.

Democrats have been feigning shock and concern over the fact that a large number of veterans and members of the military were in DC on January 6 — whether they were just attending Donald Trump’s speech or participated in the rowdy protest that followed. Some Republicans ceded ground by considering their ridiculous witch hunt.

Rep. Gaetz was not one of those spineless cowards and forcefully defended the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us.

Here are some of the things the Democrats had to say about members of our military during the hearing:

When it was his turn to speak, the Florida congressman began by noting that he represents the district that has the highest concentration of active duty military in the country.

“Respectfully, it is on their behalf that I would categorize this hearing as total nonsense,” Rep. Gaetz asserted. “Today, the Chinese Communist Party is building aircraft carriers and jets that every member of this committee knows threaten to close or eliminate the capability gap. North Korea is perfecting the ability to strike the United States with nuclear weapons. Cartels are hunting the next trafficking routes.”

Yet, the committee was meeting to hunt down mean thoughts in the military.

“Today, the House Armed Services Committee is engaged in a review of constitutionally protected expression by our troops,” he forcefully pointed out. “How utterly weak of us. No wonder the Chinese Communist Party continues to gain ground.

The verbal lashing of the people in the committee engaged in the witch hunt did not stop there. A fiery Gaetz pointed out that the purpose of the hearing was to gaslight the targeting of US military who do not have pre-approved politics.

“This is not about extremism. It is not about white supremacy. It as about woke supremacy,” Rep. Gaetz continued. “It is about converting the military from an apolitical institution to an institution controlled by the political left.”

He pointed out that they were there, gathered, to have a hearing designed to try to “get us to view our fellow countrymen and women who protect us as some how ‘evil’, or ‘dangerous’, or a ‘cancer that needs to exorcised.'”

Rep. Gaetz informed the committee that there is “a difference between weeding out bad apples who should be removed from the ranks and using the charge of extremism to stigmatize different opinions.” He pointed out that “increasingly, ‘extremism’ is a euphemism that Democrats are using when talking about conservatives, Republicans — and the group they hate most — Trump supporters.”

He pointed out that a member of the far-left extremist organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, was even a witness at the hearing. The SPLC had branded the Family Research Council, a pro-family conservative organization, a hate group.

Rep. Gaetz pointed out that the SPLC designation caused a deranged leftist to try to shoot up the Family Research Council’s headquarters.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group,” Rep. Gaetz said, in no uncertain terms.

“Today, we’re literally being lectured on extremism by a hate group,” he added.

He also asked if having a “Pepe the Frog” meme on your phone makes you a dangerous extremist — pointing out how ludicrous it all is.

Rep. Gaetz also blasted the doxing of Westpoint cadets who were accused of “hate symbols” for being photographed making the okay sign. They were playing the circle game. The symbol was a common sight among Trump supporters because he would often make that gesture during speeches when he was making a point. It was subsequently added to the Anti Defamation League’s hate symbol list because of hysterical leftist conspiracy theorists.

“The FBI would rather investigate garage pulls than antifa,” he stated.

He asked how long it would be until “Make America Great Again” hats are considered an “extremist symbol.”

The speech concluded with Rep. Gaetz asserting that the hearing was “nothing more than cancel culture coming for our military and it is disgusting. It is about power and we ought to tread carefully because our fellow Americans do not take kindly to this type of tyranny.”

He boldly asserted that he had no questions for the witnesses because the hearing is a joke.

…and that folks, is how it’s done.



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