White House Cuts Biden Live Feed Again As He Offers to Take Questions After Covid Roundtable Discussion (VIDEO)

Joe Biden participated in a roundtable on the “American Rescue Plan” on Friday afternoon.

The roundtable only lasted about 10 minutes because Joe Biden is feeble and can’t handle a full schedule.

After listening to a few people share their stories and discuss how they’ll benefit from the “American Rescue Plan,” Joe Biden pulled out his trusty Covid card.

As soon as  Biden told the participants that it was time for Q & A, the White House cut the live feed from YouTube and Periscope.

This is the second time the White House has cut Biden’s feed this week as he was about to answer questions.


Joe Biden always pulls out his Covid card and rattles off how many Americans have died of Covid.

This is Biden’s schtick since he is unable to speak off the cuff and make a cogent point.

After Biden was done reading from his Covid card, he said he was going to ask the participants some questions and this is when the White House cut the live feed.

“I’m gonna ask some questions now and the press is going to leave and I’m gonna get more personal with you if I can,” Biden said as the White House cut the feed.

Biden’s White House handlers do not want him going off script because the moment he does it turns into a mess.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden got a little too comfortable when speaking to an Indian-American astronaut and that’s when Biden dropped this racist line“It’s amazing! Indian-of-descent Americans are taking over the country. You, my vice president, my speechwriter.”

Footage from White House YouTube:

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