WATCH: Outrageous MSNBC Guest Says Republicans Would Deny Jesus a Cup of Water While He Died on the Cross

In a wildly hyperbolic segment about Georgia’s new voter laws, an MSNBC guest claimed that Republicans would have barred Jesus from being given a cup of water while he was dying on the cross.

The shocking and vile claim came from Vanderbilt University professor and former MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson on Friday’s episode of Joy Reid’s The ReidOut.

In the lead up to the statement, Reid asked Dyson about his recent meeting with President Joe Biden, and if he’s planning to push the senate to get rid of the filibuster so that they can pass more extreme legislation from his agenda.

“I think he’s contemplating it seriously when he sees the consequences. What he needs to do is fill these busters with some fear of the government. These are the kind of people that would pass a law to keep Jesus from be — getting a cup of water while he’s dying on the cross,” Dyson said.

Newsbusters reports that earlier in the show Dyson argued that white, male Georgia Republicans see the Voting Rights Act as “merely an inconvenient interruption of white supremacist power” and they want to ensure through their perverted “white imagination” that African Americans would lose the desire “to exercise the franchise.”

“This is Jim Crow, this is Jane Crow, this is their kids, this is the nesting of white supremacy. And if we’re trying to pretend we don’t know, this is the weaponization of conspiracy theory, and it now has come to the place where we find so reprehensible. And I end by saying this: Brian Kemp and Raffensberger and those, that crew, you fought against, you know, Donald Trump — you wanted to get back in his good graces — so, as you pointed out paradoxically, you undermine the very ostensible legitimacy you possess to defend yourself against him now to hand him the plate. The real religion — the real politics in America is whiteness and whiteness unhinged.”

Race grifter Reid agreed, of course.

Newsbusters noted that this episode of MSNBC’s The ReidOut was sponsored in part by Legal Zoom. Their contact is linked. “Let them know how you feel about them supporting such incendiary trash talk,” their report concluded.


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