UNREAL: Nancy Pelosi Says Biden Has The Situation At The Border ‘Under Control’ (VIDEO)

The situation at the border is an absolute mess and completely out of control. Everyone knows this.

Yet Nancy Pelosi had the nerve to stand in front of reporters this week and claim that Joe Biden has the situation under control.

Once again, Democrats are telling you not to believe what you can see with your own eyes.

FOX News reports:

Pelosi says Biden has southern border situation ‘under control’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressed confidence in President Biden’s handling of the surge of migrants at the Southern border, saying he’s got it “under control.”

Pelosi said Biden is approaching the migrants, especially unaccompanied minors, in a more “humane” way than former President Donald Trump, and the transition will take some time.

“The Biden administration has this under control,” Pelosi said Friday during her weekly news conference at the Capitol. “It is change and it will take some time, but it is values-based, humanitarian … [and] pragmatic with a plan to get things done.”

Republicans have been pummelling Biden in recent weeks for the surge of migrants that have flocked to the border, and they’ve blamed the Democrat’s rhetoric and the canceling of Trump’s immigration policies for the uptick.

See the video below:

The border was secure just a few months ago. Under Trump.

Pelosi is such a shameless liar.

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