Shooting Near “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” in Minneapolis Leaves One Person Dead Days Before Officer Chauvin Trial

There was a shooting Wednesday night in the Autonomous Zone, this time in Minneapolis. Time and time again autonomous zones prove to be dangerous and unpredictable, yet they’re still allowed to thrive in Democratic-run cities.


There are several gates and jerry-rigged barriers enclose ‘George Floyd Square,’ a four-block area from 37th to 39th Streets South and Columbus and Elliott Avenues East in Minneapolis.  The closed off area serves as a memorial in the neighborhood where George Floyd died.

Tonight there is a manhunt underway following the fatal shooting of a black man nearby ‘George Floyd Square.’

A BLM activist who calls herself a medic for the ‘autonomous zone‘ told the Washington Times that she heard what sounded like “500 gunshots” Saturday night during her shift.

According to the Times, as of Sunday night, no white people were allowed access to the area by local activists. The description mirrored Seattle’s autonomous zone established last summer. Pedestrians were asked to leave, with activist guards manning the gates. The zone has been plagued by crime since last year.

The shooting suspect allegedly had an argument with the victim, opened fire, and then fled the scene in a cream-colored Chevrolet Suburban.  The vehicle may have suffered “gunshot damage.”

According to police, “Officers were met with some interference at the scene.” Police were notified that the victim had already been brought to a hospital, and then discovered he had died.

In September 2020, Elder denied the zone existed to Fox News.

Source: Shooting near George Floyd ‘autonomous zone’ in Minneapolis on the eve of Chauvin trial | The Post Millennial

“UNITE IN LOVE” is painted onto a barrier outside of the George Floyd Autonomous Zone.

The manhunt is still ongoing for the suspect.


Police Officers don’t even enter the Autonomous Zone and guards refuse to let Media or White people inside.


Daily Caller reporter, Richie McGinniss, toured the autonomous zone back in October.

He referenced many similarities between CHAZ and the George Floyd Autonomous Zone. 


A walk-through of the George Floyd Square Autonomous Zone


The Autonomous Zone has reportedly been there for months but kept in the dark due to little to no media coverage.

In Seattle, CHAZ/CHOP led to five shootings and countless sexual assaults. The Minneapolis Autonomous Zone uses the same dangerous “No Cop” policy as the Autonomous Zones that came before it. The George Floyd Autonomous Zone has been up for months, how long will elected officials allow lawlessness in their cities?








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