Pelosi is Trying to Steal a House Seat: Democrats Weigh Ejecting Certified GOP Winner of Iowa Race


Pelosi and the House Democrats are actively trying to steal a House seat in Iowa.

The Democrats stole the White House and Senate with millions of fraudulent ballots, Zuckerberg drop boxes and ballot harvesting so what’s stopping them from stealing a US House of Representatives seat in Iowa?

In late November Republican Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks won her recount in Iowa’s Second Congressional district by 6 votes against Democrat Rita Hart.

Miller-Meeks was the 14th pickup for the GOP House in the 2020 election.

In early March, the Democrats took their first step to overturn the certified Iowa race and hand it over to Democrat Rita Hart.

Rather than taking her case to court, Rita Hart ran to the Democrat-led House to help her adjudicate her claim.

The attorneys for both Miller-Meeks and Hart have until Monday to send their briefs to a House panel, which agreed to consider the case.

This means that the Democrat-led House can actually decide if a Democrat will be able to take a GOP Congressional seat away from a certified winner.

The Democrats currently control the House by a 219-211 margin and the Republicans are accusing Pelosi of trying to help bolster her razor thin margin by stealing the Iowa seat.

CNN reported:

A rare House review of an electoral victory

It’s extremely rare for a congressional candidate to successfully challenge their loss in Congress. From 1933 to 2009, the House considered 107 contested election cases, according to the Congressional Research Service. In only three cases did it seat the candidate who contested the results; in one instance, it declared a vacancy.

But Miller-Meeks’ attorney Alan Ostergren told CNN “it is a worry” that the Democratic-controlled House will reprise its 1985 decision to seat the Democrat over the state-certified Republican. He said that Hart could’ve gone to court instead of Congress.

“Our focus is on the fact that we have a certificate of election, and that there was a process that Hart could have chosen that was based on law, administered by judges, that she bypassed in favor of one administered by her own political party,” said Ostergren.

“The argument on their 22 ballots is almost exclusively that state law should not matter,” he added. “That’s a pretty troubling argument to make.”

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