Marjorie Taylor Greene Stands Up To Biden – Introduces “Protect America First Act” To End Biden’s Border Crisis

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) just introduced the “Protect America First Act” to end Biden’s border crisis.

She’s standing up against the insane Biden Administration.

Where is the rest of the GOP?


Here is what the bill does:

-Enact a 4-year moratorium on immigration and accelerate the time between apprehension and deportation.

-Ensure the safe return of unaccompanied alien children, reduces human trafficking, increases deportation for criminal aliens, and ends chain migration.

-Expedite removal of illegal aliens from 3 months to 30 days.

-Build The Wall and name it after President Donald J Trump.

-Cut off funding for Sanctuary Cities.

-Support local law enforcement in their execution of immigration policy.

-Empower ICE to detain and deport violent criminal aliens.

-Revive President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

-Rescind President Biden’s open borders immigration executive orders.

-Revoke DAKA and DAPA.

-Remove funding for Central and South American countries whose citizens violate this Act by migrating here illegally.

The border has become a mess under Biden thanks to his open border policies.

The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on Biden’s border crisis:

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Where is the rest of the GOP?

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