LA Teachers Union Went on Witch Hunt to Find Out the Races of Parents Pushing for Schools to Open

The largest Los Angeles teachers union went on a witch hunt to find out the races of people pushing for schools to reopen in the media.

An activist with the teacher’s union was also quoted as a “district parent” in the Los Angeles Times claiming that minority parents do not want kids to return, without any mention of their union involvement.

The Free Beacon reports that “Miryam Qudrat, a Los Angeles parent of a middle schooler, says a ‘research specialist’ for United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) emailed her to ask how she racially identifies. The inquiry came, the union researcher said, because she was quoted twice in the Los Angeles Times, both times to discuss dissatisfaction with the school closures.”

“They were trying to see if I would self-identify as Middle Eastern, so they could slam the Times for giving parents of children who supposedly weren’t affected by COVID a voice,” Qudrat told the Washington Free Beacon. “They’re trying to frame it as a race problem, and trying to make me part of this racist group. It’s a very dangerous direction they’re taking this.”

The Beacon report also notes that last month, a union activist named Jsané Tyler was quoted as a “district parent” in the LA Times — and the reporter claims that they did not know about their work.

“We know that a lot of white parents are calling for the reopening of schools—that is simply not the case with Black parents and other parents of color,” Tyler said. “The majority of us don’t believe that students should be on campus right now because it’s just not safe.”

Tyler did not respond to questions about whether or not the union helped write the comment.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, the UTLA has been loud about rejecting Governor Gavin Newsome’s school reopening plan. Its leaders labeled it a “recipe for propagating structural racism.”

The plan was announced by Newsom and his Democrat supermajority in the state legislature. It provides $6.6 billion in taxpayer funding to accelerate the school reopening process while coronavirus cases drop.

In a press release, the union claimed that it benefitted rich schools in white areas the most.

“Educators are being unfairly targeted by wealthier and healthier people who are not experiencing this disease in the same way as students and families in our communities. If this were a rich person’s disease, we would have seen a very different response. We would not have the high rate of infections and deaths.”


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