Joe Biden Postpones Virtual Fundraiser, Leaves DC 4 Hours Earlier Than Scheduled to Rush Home to His Delaware Basement (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is once again flying home to Delaware for the weekend, making this his fifth overnight stay at his Wilmington home since being sworn into office.

Biden spent last weekend at Camp David with nothing on his schedule.

The weekend before, Joe Biden and his handler wife Jill took Marine One to their Wilmington home and didn’t return to Washington until Sunday.

Perhaps Joe Biden prefers familiarity because of his dementia?

Joe Biden on Friday rushed to get out of Washington to go home to Delaware.

Biden was in such a rush to get to Delaware that he postponed a virtual fundraiser for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms.

Slow Joe was supposed take part in the virtual fundraiser before he departed for Delaware, but now he’s slated to participate from his Delaware basement later tonight.

The White House bumped up Biden’s departure time for a flight home to Delaware by four hours – Now leaving at 2:15 pm when he was scheduled to leave at 6:15 pm

Joe Biden boarded Air Force One on Friday with crackhead Hunter:

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