House Shoots Down Resolution to Remove Swalwell From Intelligence Committee Over His Relationship With Chinese Spy

The House has rejected a resolution to remove Rep. Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee over his relationship with Chinese spy and honeypot Christine Fang.

It has been reported that Swalwell had an intimate relationship with the spy, showcasing his dangerously poor judgement.

The vote fell mostly along party lines, at 218-200 — with three cowardly Republicans only voting “president.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had introduced the bill after Speaker Nancy Pelosi re-appointed Fang’s alleged lover to the House Intelligence Committee.

The Chinese spy wasn’t just helping Swalwell in the sheets, she also helped raise funds for his 2014 reelection campaign and placed an intern in his office.

The Hill reports that “McCarthy argued that Swalwell’s past connection to the alleged spy would make it hard for Swalwell to obtain a security clearance in the private sector asking about close contact with a foreign national in the last seven years and suggested, without providing details, that information from a classified briefing further solidified his case.”

“[Pelosi has] got 200 other members who can serve on that committee and I think the only criteria that someone would have to meet from the very beginning would be can you have a security clearance in the private sector? If you can’t meet that bar, you shouldn’t be able to meet a bar to serve on the Intel Committee,” McCarthy said at a press conference in the Capitol.


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