EXCLUSIVE: Why Is A Loyal New York City Police Officer from Staten Island Being Persecuted for His Off-Duty Political Support of Donald Trump and Friendship with Roger Stone?

“Beyond question, Sal Greco is a true servant of the people, a good soul, and a great American.”

Guest post by Roger Stone

Sal Greco is a 12-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, from Staten Island. His record of service to the people of New York City is unblemished. Sal is also my friend. We met via Instagram over 2 years ago. Perhaps it was our common Italian-American heritage that made us fast friends. It also helped that Sal completely understood how the charges leveled against me by the now-discredited Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his attack dog lawyers were entirely contrived and purely motivated by political animus.

As a police officer, Sal had testified in many criminal trials as a government witness. He has a keen, realistic understanding of the justice system. He had studied the public aspects of the case against me and quickly came to see how I had been framed.

In his personal politics, Sal is decidedly a supporter of the movement to Make America Great Again (MAGA). He also has strong opinions about Italian food and the importance of loyalty. Though Sal is an ardent supporter of free speech and the unfettered right to political expression, he has also been a vocal critic of the Proud Boys. While Sal unreservedly exercised his own freedom of Speech on Instagram, his posts were limited to invited friends.

Through the darkest days of my ordeal being politically persecuted by Mueller’s corrupt partisan operatives, Sal provided comfort and friendship to my family and to me. He even used many of the personal vacation days he had earned serving on the streets of New York to assist my family members during my trial in Washington DC. Often he would escort my single adult daughter to and from the courthouse, allowing Nydia and me the peace of mind of knowing she was safe and in capable, trusted hands.


We ate together, went to  Mass together, worked out together, laughed together, and shared the ups and downs of life.  We spent time in battle against those who would destroy everything that has made our country the freest and most prosperous ever to exist on this planet. Beyond question, Sal Greco is a true servant of the people, a good soul, and a great American.

Recently the tabloid-grade New York Daily News reported that Officer Greco was the subject of an NYPD internal investigation upon his return from Washington in January. At that time I elected not to comment because I know an honest inquiry will prove that Sal Greco did nothing improper, either in DC in early January or anywhere else, at any time, for that matter.

But if we have learned nothing from the years we had with Donald Trump as president it is that things like fairness, due process, and truth are utter irrelevancies to the corporate and social media propagandists who act as mere mouthpieces for the Democrat party and its radical left-wing zealots. Now they are subjecting this dedicated officer of the law to their latest politically-motivated witch hunt, using cheap innuendo and ‘guilt by association” to potentially destroy the career of this patriot for the unforgivable sin of being my friend.

On January 5th, Sal was with me in Washington DC, accompanying me as I spoke at two legally-permitted events. On January 6th we never even left the Willard Hotel property the entire day. Neither of us was at the Ellipse, in the march to the Capitol, or present at the Capitol for any of the unlawful acts. We were both shocked and appalled at the lawless, politically counterproductive violence at the Capitol as we watched it unfold on TV in my hotel suite.

What makes the New York Daily News hit piece on Sal Greco extraordinary is that I responded to their inquiries in writing, answering many of the questions they purport to raise in the story published this week. In fact, their reporter confirmed receipt of my response but entirely ignored anything I had written in it.

While I have no obligation to speak to the New York Daily News on the record, the reporter nonetheless agreed to my ground rule about no selective editing but omitted my response, either on background or without attribution because what I told them would totally-debunk the false narrative concocted in their fake news story.

Here is the screenshot of our exchange and their confirmation of its receipt.

Take particular note of the “reporter’s last comment.  My clarifications were available well before any stated deadline for publication of this transparent effort to smear an honest man and dedicated public servant. The reporter could have insisted on having a response from me that was on the record, which I was likely to provide except the reporter never “circled back” as he promised to do, before publishing anything.

Since the Daily News chose to be sneaky and dishonest in reporting on this, let’s clear it up right now.

  • First, Officer Sal Greco never at any time provided professional security services for me or my family.
  • Second, I have never paid Sal Greco for any professional services.
  • Third, Officer Greco visited me and my family on multiple holidays, but strictly during his personal vacation time.
  • Fourth, Sal sometimes attended public events with me, if his work or vacation schedule permitted, but in those instances where security was required, it was provided by a paid security detail or by the promoter of the event.
  • Fifth, I have never known Officer Greco to be armed while in my presence and I am aware of no inappropriate use of either his badge or his government-issued firearm anywhere at any time.

Notwithstanding the totalitarian bleatings from America’s repulsive left-wing criminal class, even New York City Police Officers retain in full their constitutional rights to have political opinions when joining the force and, while they are prohibited from any political activities while on duty, they are free to participate in our political and electoral processes when off duty, on their own-time, as long as they make no claims to having the imprimatur of the NYPD while they engage in any of these constitutionally-protected activities.

While spending time with us on his well-earned vacation days or on his off-duty time Sal Greco was a loyal friend- nothing more, nothing less. Sal Greco was with me for nearly every waking moment of the 5th of January, including when I spoke at the two legally-permitted events that evening. He was there as my friend and ally, not taking any role in, or acting in any manner as part of, my personal security detail.

It is an unfortunate and frankly dismal reality today that my family and I require professional security in pretty much any public setting, thanks to the violent, aggressive, unhinged, often-criminal mania of the deranged political zealots who inhabit so much of the radical authoritarian leftist lynch mob that has become a runaway plague in American politics and a repulsive profane affliction upon our nation’s civic life. We have been accosted in restaurants, airports , streets, flea markets, airplanes by abusive and sometimes violent people.

These phony moral high-hats and unfathomably-hypocritical virtue signalers are the same trash who have showered my family and me with vile death threats on a daily basis for what has now been years. Between the threats, their bizarre compulsion towards physically stalking me anywhere I go in public and the outright physical assaults they have committed against me anywhere from my table at a restaurant to public sidewalks to really any public setting in which I find myself, I have been required to employ off-duty police officers for security and to requisition secure vehicles for them to use. This was the case for numerous trips I had to take both to and around DC for court-ordered proceedings prior to and throughout my trial. Unfortunately, during my stay in DC on January 5th and 6th these off-duty officers had all been called to active duty, or were otherwise engaged providing private security for others.

This latest in a string of inflated non-stories cooked up with equally breathless and pointless melodrama is exactly the kind of irresponsible muckraking and vicious hate-mongering that has led to the continuing threats against me, my wife, my family, my children and, yes, even my infant great grandson. The countless public confrontations and violent incidents, like the attack against my wife outside our home just weeks ago, have become all too typical. Yet, these yellow journalists continue to manufacture dishonest disinformation hit pieces that attempt to insinuate, without the slightest credible evidence or even a single factual allegation, that I am somehow party to criminal conduct. It is nothing less than defamation by disingenuous implication.

I have made it crystal clear over and over, for months now, that I used the voluntary security services of members of the OathKeepers when the off-duty DC Police Officers and one retired Prince Georges, Maryland police officer, who had quite legally provided security for me and my family in the past, had become unavailable when needed.

I know the OathKeepers organization to consist of current and former law enforcement officers and military veterans who have simply pledged to honor the oaths they swore, upon entering service to their country and their communities, to support and defend the Constitution and ensure adherence to the guarantees enshrined in it to protect the essential liberties and human rights of all Americans.

As our nation’s founding charter, the Constitution is the very foundation of government, and the fount of our freedoms, so it is a total oxymoron pushed by incoherent partisan zealots to claim that this organization is “anti-government.” It is, in reality, anti-tyranny if anything, which would explain why it is so viciously made the target of deceitful villainization by the authoritarian left and its army of blathering stooges.

Further, the Daily News’s characterization of the OathKeepers as a “right-wing militia” is simply a baseless delusion, supported by no facts whatsoever. The OathKeepers are an affiliation of like-,minded citizens with law enforcement and military service. In no way, shape or form do they organize or act in the manner of a ‘militia.’

To my knowledge, over 700 of its members came to DC for the planned gatherings and peaceful protests from January 5th to 6th. Out of these 100’s of individuals in DC associated with the OathKeepers, just four have been charged (and are innocent until proven guilty) in connection with the disorder at the Capitol on the 6th.

If there should emerge sufficient evidence that any other members of the organization violated any laws, or were involved in any sort of coordinated scheme to violate any laws, they too should be prosecuted accordingly. Beyond the production of such evidence or other proof of any unlawful acts by any other OathKeepers, the implication that the organization is somehow an extremist group or part of some supposed “insurrection” is just another daft conspiracy theory peddled in typically-dishonest fashion by leftist smear merchants. End of story.

As the New York Daily News knows full well, my wife Nydia reimbursed Sal Greco for the cost of several nights lodging in June in a hotel nearby our Florida home (at the exorbitant rate of $61 a night) and for the cost of a rental car in December when Sal visited us before Christmas when my own borrowed car was in the shop for repairs. I provided the Daily News with a clear explanation of these perfectly legal transactions, but their dishonest partisan reporter simply omitted this information, clearly attempting to misportray them as somehow improper or illegal.

Also included among the many specious claims made by the Daily News in its hit piece is the assertion that Sal Greco’s association with me violated the NY City Police Department’s policy against its officers having contact with convicted felons. Had the Daily News bothered asking their lawyers, or any lawyer, or even anyone with just a rudimentary understanding of the law, it would know that my status as a “felon” ceased to exist at the moment President Trump issued me a full and unconditional pardon.

It is interesting to note that the NYPD officers routinely communicate with “convicted felons” when they use such persons as ‘sources’ to investigate or gather intelligence on possible criminal activity. Seems to be a bit of a contradiction in terms of their emphasis on enforcing such a policy. As a former high-ranking New York Police Department officer told me, “It is a regulation they enforce when they want, and ignore when they want.”

At the heart of this despicable smear job on an honest, hard-working New York City police officer is the core deceit manufactured by this and other propagandists looking to prop up another phony scandal with more false accusations meant to further the Democrat fantasy narrative of an “insurrection.” The Daily News joins a number of other deceitful fake news outlets that have now taken to churning out a whole new series of defamatory publications intended to fabricate some sort of nebulous criminality around me, but without ever specifying, much less presenting a scintilla of evidence to prove any actual crimes.

The Daily News is well aware of the fact that I never left the grounds of The Willard Hotel on January 6th, except to literally leave the city directly traveling to Dulles Airport to return home to Florida. I can state categorically that Officer Greco, Rev. Randy Coggins, Pastor Mark Burns, Kristin Davis, Angela Stanton King and George Papadopolous and his wife were among those who visited me at the hotel throughout that day.

As I recall, Officer Greco left the hotel once to walk to the Ellipse to survey the gathering, which he judged to be pandemonium, with prohibitively-long lines for both VIP and general attendance. Greco was gone for about an hour and reported seeing General Michael Flynn walking with his entourage, wearing a red sweatshirt. Greco was back at the Willard well before Mayor Giuliani or the President spoke at the Ellipse.

I will say what I have now said dozens of times before: I was in no way involved in or aware of any person or any scheme to commit any unlawful act at the Capitol or anywhere in DC either on January 6th or any other day, ever. The Daily News is simply pursuing the vengeful bloodlust that has been triggered among Trump-addled propagandists in the wake of my pardon. This desire for revenge and the fulfillment of my lynching by their corrupt fellow travelers in a kangaroo court farce is now fueling their baseless if not ludicrous insinuations and implications that either I or Sal Greco or anyone I know or have ever known had any knowledge or involvement in illegal conduct on January 6th.

The Daily News tries to inflate to some sort of importance, or relevance, to their shaky would-be narrative implying criminal conduct without ever stating what specifically are any of the supposed crimes involved, that Officer Greco and accused OathKeeper Joshua James were connected on the widely-used cash transfer app, Venmo. They admit they could find not a single financial transaction between the two men’s accounts. Whatever may have led to their merely being connected as “friends” on Venmo, but never exchanging anything through the app, it is far less clear if not completely unintelligible just exactly what it is the Daily News is trying to imply or proclaim to be the crime or even just something unseemly about this. Indeed Venmo will add a person’s contacts automatically if both parties save each others phone number.!!

In publishing this extensive article that is literally without any merit, the New York Daily News is now joining others in the MSM lynch mob  such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC NEWS in their baseless efforts to imply that because I came in contact with and was voluntarily protected by members of this organization who provide security for other Speakers on the 5th I am somehow involved in the illegal events of January 6th. This is a vile lie with no evidence to support it.

For two years the New York Daily News was among those fake news media outlets that insisted falsely that I worked with Russian intelligence to coordinate the release of the entirely accurate emails that exposed the corruption in the Democrats campaign.

This New York Daily News Story is typical particularly since I was neither charged nor convicted of lying to “protect for Trump” which the stunning court-ordered release at midnight on election day November 3rd, 2020, when the US Justice Department issued, by court order a rare midnight release of long-hidden remaining unredacted sections of the Mueller report in which the government admits not having any factual evidence “that I was involved with the Russians or Wikileaks or Assange or that I had any advanced knowledge of the theft and publication of John Podesta’s emails. The Daily News reported …nothing.

The New York Daily News never mentioned that Mueller even said that if he had found evidence that I had received stolen emails from Wikileaks it would have legal political activity. CNN also ignored the point that Mueller’s super-secret report proved that Mueller charged me with lying to Congress about matters he concedes he has less than sufficient evidence I was involved in.

Read the actual filing by the DOJ here rather than the sugar-coated report by Buzzfeed. Even Buzzfeed admitted that I was ‘vindicated.”The exact same people who lied about the criminalization of my perfectly legal political activity in 2016 are lying again.”

Sal Greco is being crucified because he exercised his first amendment rights to not only support President Trump but to provide comfort and friendship to my family in our time of need and friendship for my long-time friend Kristin Davis.  

But even given a courteous response to their loaded questions, The New York Daily News is aware of this but omits my response.  Now Sal Greco’s spotless record in law enforcement and the pension he has paid into are at risk due to the hyped-up smears of the media despite any evidence that he did anything wrong.

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