“Dr. Fauci and Birx and All of These People that Frankly Made Nothing But Mistakes” – President Trump on the Doctors Who Used COVID-19 to Destroy Freedom

President Trump last night discussed the two doctors who encouraged him to shut down the government rather than use a risk-based approach to the China coronavirus.  His comments were in an interview with Maria Bartiromo.

The Daily Caller reported on the President’s remarks:

Bartiromo began by mentioning President Joe Biden’s primetime address on Mar. 11, in which he claimed the coronavirus was “met with silence for days, and weeks, and then months.” She noted that he made no mention of Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s partnership with private companies to quickly develop and distribute a vaccine. She then asked Trump how he felt about “not getting any credit” from the Biden administration.

“So when you go to the Covid issue, we did a great job. We get very little credit for it. I closed the country far earlier. Dr. Fauci and Birx and all of these people that, frankly, made nothing but mistakes, they didn’t want to do it. They didn’t want to close it to China,” Trump responded. “I closed the border to China. I closed the border to Europe, Italy, and all of these countries that were having tremendous problems long before they wanted me to do it.”

“If you look at Biden, he didn’t want to do it months afterwards, and then ultimately he admitted that he made a mistake in saying that. If I didn’t do that, we would have had hundreds of thousands of more lives gone,” Trump concluded.

Of course doctors Fauci and Birx were incompetent when it came to dealing with the China coronavirus:

HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model — NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD — To Persuade President Trump to Lock Down Entire US Economy!

President Trump is right to criticize these two failed doctors.  Millions of Americans lost their jobs, businesses, incomes, and savings due to these two who did all they could to destroy the US economy in 2020.

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