Doctors Forced to Provide Cross-Sex Hormones Under Equality Act Could Send Teenagers Into Premature Menopause

Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, is sounding alarm bells about the fact that, if passed, the Equality Act would punish medical doctors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who do not go along with a confused minor’s “gender identity.”

The scary part of this is that those who are prescribed cross-sex hormones following puberty-blocking drugs could end up going through a premature menopause or andropause and all the ailments that come with it.

“That is what happens when health professionals medicalize childhood gender identity by prescribing puberty blockers to halt pubertal development at its earliest, visible signs,” Dr. Cretella wrote at the Post Millennial along with Natasha Chart, executive director of Women’s Liberation Front.

“Health professionals then prevent this normal and critical developmental stage altogether by administering cross-sex hormones throughout the sexual maturation window,” they continued, adding that these teens are likely to experience “conditions of old age — a girl is sent into menopause, or a boy put into andropause — decades before their time.”

Breitbart reports that “during a Heritage Foundation webinar, Cretella observed the surge in activism in the lucrative field of transgender medicine has led to the ‘gaslighting’ of many more children and teens.”

The pediatrician explained studies show that nearly 100 percent of children who are given puberty blockers to stop normal puberty then go on to request cross-sex hormones, “which means we are sterilizing a great number of emotionally troubled youth.”

“And we already have girls, physically healthy girls, who are being referred for double mastectomies at age 13,” she asserted. “This is institutionalized child abuse. We’re taking emotionally troubled youth, psychologically abusing them by reinforcing their gender, sexual confusion, and then experimenting on them with toxic drugs and mutilating surgeries.”


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