Cuomo’s Greatest Crime – Creating Policies So His Assistant’s Family and Donors Could Make Millions From COVID Patients in Elderly Homes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top assistant, Melissa DeRosa, is not only the highest-ranking woman in the Cuomo Administration, but her family is also tightly connected to New York’s elderly home industry and they made lots of money due to Cuomo’s COVID policies.

We reported in June 2020 that Cuomo’s number one donor was from the elderly home community where Ms. DeRosa’s father and brother are lobbyists.  Not only did Cuomo help the donor make millions on COVID-19 but he also provided them immunity from legal ramifications as well.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: NY Governor Cuomo’s Largest Donor Involved in Elderly Care Was Shielded from COVID-19 Lawsuits in April By Cuomo

According to our June report, New York’s governor and Department of Health Commissioner and Executive Deputy Commissioner are accountable for thousands of nursing home deaths because of their insane directives related to the China coronavirus.

During this global health emergency, all NHs [nursing homes] must comply with the expedited receipt of residents returning from hospitals to NHs, and No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.

But before this in 2018, Cuomo and his state party committee received close to $2.3m from various hospitals and nursing home industry donors.

According to the New York Public Committee on Public Ethics, GNYHA paid $60,000 to the MirRam Group in March-April 2020, according to the firm’s report. John Emrick, a lobbyist at the firm previously served as the chief of staff for the Independent Democratic Conference state senate caucus, lobbying the Senate majority leader’s office on “safe staffing” and “medical malpractice”.

Another GNYHA lobby firm, the Bolton-St Johns, gave Cuomo’s campaign $40,000 during his 2018 re-election. That firm employs Giorgio DeRosa, Joseph DeRosa, and Jessica Davos–the father, brother, and sister-law respectively Cuomo’s current secretary and top aid, Melissa DeRosa.

(See more from Yaacov Apelbaum here.)

So it came as no surprise that  New York Governor Cuomo’s Assistant, Melissa DeRosa, tweeted her support for the governor a couple of days ago:

This was after DeRosa praised the Governor’s accomplishments with women:

EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Study Confirms, with Exception of New York and New Jersey, Overall Mortality Not Much Different Than a Bad Flu Season

DeRosa hasn’t publicly discussed any specifics of any accusers of the Governor. She hasn’t discussed her family’s relationship with Cuomo’s largest donor either.  By focusing on the women, the DeRosa family and the elderly home care facilities are in the clear.

There is much more to the governor’s relationship with his assistant DeRosa than meets the eye.

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